Educational consumer electronics startup Kano is getting ready to release “Star Wars” and “Frozen” coding kits, according to regulatory filings. Recent FCC filings made by the company reveal plans to release a product called “The Force Coding Kit” as well as one called “The Disney Frozen Coding Kit.”

Kano representatives didn’t respond to multiple requests for comment.

The filings were heavily redacted, omitting photos, user manuals and other key documents from public display. However, included test reports and other documents suggest that both kits will be based on the same hardware, with a drawing suggesting a cylindrical shape. The “Star Wars” and “Frozen” coding kits also seem to be battery-powered, and rely on Bluetooth LE to connect to other devices (likely tablets of mobile phones).

Kano Disney coding kits fcc filing

Kano has in the past produced a number of such coding kits, including a simple computer that kids can assemble themselves and a “Harry Potter” kit that lets them use a magic wand in combination with a mobile coding app.

The company first announced its partnership with Disney in January. At the time, Kano revealed that it was going to launch a “Star Wars” product before the end of the year, but didn’t mention the “Frozen” coding kit.

“Our goal at Kano is to take you on a journey, unlocking powers in yourself and others, through the medium of technology – from wands that really work, to computers you make yourself, and more” said Kano co-founder and CEO Alex Klein at the time. “Collaborating with Disney is a blessing. We can combine connected, creative technologies with some of the most memorable stories ever told.”