Hulu plans to launch another ad format tailored to the viewing habits of the streaming-video junkie.

The company, controlled by Walt Disney and Comcast, said it plans to launch a new format that “will make it possible for marketers to target binge viewers with a creative that is situationally relevant to their viewing behavior. ” The company did not offer more detail, but is expected to make a presentation to advertisers Wednesday where it will unveil new programming and business initiatives.

Hulu recently announced it would test a format known as “pause ads” that surface on screen whenever a subscriber chooses to take a break from a current streaming selection. It has been testing the concept with Procter & Gamble and Coca-Cola. Hulu now intends to expand availability of that format starting in August.

The video-streaming outlet has always offered new kinds of commercials geared to a viewers who has more control over their experience. A viewer of linear TV doesn’t always have the ability to stop a program, or to watch multiple episodes of a show in rapid-fire succession. But those behaviors are quickly emerging as widely-shared ones in the streaming arena, and Hulu executives have described a desire to ramp up use of “non-intrusive ad formats” over the next several months.