Google hardware chief Rick Osterloh gave us an update on the company’s game streaming service Stadia during the company’s fall hardware event in New York Tuesday: Stadia will be available to the public on Nov. 19.

Stadia promises to stream games directly from the cloud, with no need to buy a full-blown game console. Consumers will simply require to buy the Stadia game controller, as well as a Chromecast Ultra video streaming adapter, to play games on their TV screen. The company is selling both products as part of the Stadia Founder’s Edition package for $129.

Google first announced Stadia in March of this year, and has since revealed additional details in a slow trickle of news releases. Stadia will not only work on the TV screen, but also stream games to mobile devices and desktop computers.

Stadia will ultimately be available in 2 tiers, including a $10 per month “pro” subscription tier that will include access to 4K game streams as well as select free game titles — a Google executive said in July that Stadia Pro subscribers will get about one game per month for free.

Some of the games available via Stadia will include “Assassin’s Creed Odyssey,” “Baldur’s Gate 3,” “Borderlands 3,” “Destiny 2: The Collection,” “Doom,” “Final Fantasy XV” “Just Dance 2020,” “NBA 2K20” “Superhot,” “The Elder Scrolls Online” and more.

The company summed up some of the titles and features of Stadia in a promotional video Tuesday:

Google also used Tuesday’s press event to introduce a new Nest Mini speaker and a new Google Wifi mesh router system, among other things.