A new full trailer for developer Sucker Punch’s “Ghost of Tsushima” is finally here.

The latest substantial footage of the samurai game dropped at The Game Awards Thursday night, marking the first real look at the PS4 exclusive since Sony released a short teaser during its State of Play earlier this week. “Ghost of Tsushima” will debut in summer 2020, it was also announced.

The new trailer opens where the teaser did: a group of Mongol invaders drudging through a forest in the fall. A samurai in the distance, however, stands in their way.

“The ghost,” a voiceover intones in another scene, showing the protagonist crawling through a battlefield. “Some say he died on the beach. Others say he is a storm made flesh. When the wind flashes their tents and boats, they know… he is coming.”

We then see the samurai slashing through a camp, armed with a blade and a bow with flaming arrows. Cutting back to the scene in the forest, he decimates the warrior crew, sparing just one survivor. “Tell him I’m coming,” the samurai instructs before the Mongol scrambles away.

Previously, more details were revealed at Sony’s E3 2018 presentation, which featured some gameplay and plot details. The main character is Jin Sakai, a powerful samurai warrior defending Tsushima Island during the first Mongol invasion of Japan in the 1270s. Along the way, he’ll learn “the way of the Ghost” and recruit allies to help him hold back the Mongol army.

The Game Awards is taking place at Los Angeles’ Microsoft Theatre, with a bevy of other announcements and first-looks teased from major names in the gaming industry.

Watch the trailer from The Game Awards below.