Facebook’s new Oculus Quest virtual reality (VR) headset will get a second browser any day now: Mozilla, the non-profit behind the popular Firefox browser, has been working on a Quest version of its Firefox Reality VR browser, a spokesperson told Variety over the weekend.

“Mozilla was part of the Oculus Quest early access developer program,” the spokesperson said. “Firefox Reality has been prepared and tested by Oculus and is ready for release. While it will not be available on day 1, we hope to see it released within the first month.”

Mozilla’s spokesperson added that its social VR platform Hubs is already available on the Quest via the Oculus browser.

Mozilla first announced Firefox Reality for mobile VR headsets like the HTC Vive Focus last April. The non-profit proceeded to release versions for Oculus Go and Google’s Daydream VR platform last September, and announced a partnership with HTC to bring Firefox Reality to high-end VR headsets like the HTC Vive last in January. In February, it followed with a version for Microsoft’s Hololens 2 AR headset.

In addition to developing a dedicated VR browser, Mozilla has also been a key driver behind WebVR, a series of technologies meant to help developers bring immersive web applications to VR headsets.

At least for now, WebVR could also be a way for developers to get onto the Quest without having to wait for Facebook to approve their experiences. The social networking giant has been very selective about the types of experiences allowed on the headset, frustrating some developers who have gotten rejection letters from the company.