Facebook Watch has signed video partnerships with France’s Le Monde, Germany’s Axel Springer and Sweden’s Expressen, among other news outlets, to deliver original content and continue building a globally diverse slate.

“The internet has fundamentally changed how news publishers reach their audiences. We know that shows by established publishers resonate with people on Watch,” Jesper Doub, director of news partnerships for the EMEA region, said in a statement Thursday.

Among the German shows set to bow on Facebook Watch is “Bild Daily” from Axel Springer, the publisher of bestselling Berlin tabloid “Bild.” The other shows in Germany are “Life Hacks,” “NewsStories” and “Claudia Saves the World” from Burda, plus “Superluminar – Das Social Wissensformat” and three other shows from G+J.

In France, Facebook Watch will feature “Brut,” the mobile-native breaking news show, “Plan B” from national daily newspaper Le Monde; and “Bonsoir Bruce” from BFMTV. From Sweden, the service will showcase “Bara Nvheter,” a daily show from Expressen.

Doub said the partnerships underscore Facebook Watch’s “support for the news industry in Europe.” Over the last year, Facebook launched the Community News Project in the U.K., a $6 million fund to help the National Council for the Training of Journalists, as well as a range of regional publishers to find, hire and train 82 community journalists.

A year ago, Facebook invested in two global shows with British broadcasters: “Uncovered” with Channel 4 News and “Cut Through The Noise” with the BBC.

The two British shows’ “pioneering use of our video tools across different formats has driven meaningful conversations around some major social issues,” Doub said, adding that Facebook Watch is currently in talks to continue these programs on Watch.

Facebook has been working with publishers to “nurture videos that encourage conversations and connections, use interactive tools, and bring in revenue through advertising,” said Doub.