Disney has been offering advance signups for Disney Plus for several weeks — and just announced a big new pact with Verizon giving the telco’s unlimited wireless customers free access to Disney Plus for one year.

As it turns out, those who got in early on Disney Plus will still be eligible for the Verizon promotion, if they’re on a qualifying service. According to Verizon, customers who have already preordered Disney Plus will have their existing subscription “paused” for the 12-month period. The subscriptions they already paid for will then resume through Disney.

At D23 in August, Disney launched a special three-year deal to U.S. fan-club members and those attending the conference priced at $141, which worked out to around $3.92 per month — 44% below the regular $6.99 monthly price. That offer ended on Labor Day. The Mouse House also extended a three-year Disney Plus subscription deal to Disney Parks guests for $170 ($4.72 per month).

On Sept. 22, Disney opened up pre-orders for “Founders Circle” subscribers starting Nov. 12 at $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year (after a free seven-day trial).

Under Verizon’s special promo, Disney Plus will be free for one year to 4G LTE and 5G wireless customers on unlimited-data plans as well as new Fios broadband or 5G home wireless internet customers. After the one-year promo pricing expires, Verizon customers will revert to the regular $6.99 monthly subscription price (unless they cancel Disney Plus).

The telco provides more info on the offer at verizonwireless.com/support/disney-faqs.

Verizon says it has about 50 million customers on unlimited plans who are eligible for the free Disney Plus offer. The pact is designed as a carrot to bring more subscribers to Verizon’s rolls, while also giving Disney Plus a healthy subscriber bump at launch.