German virtual reality (VR) startup Holoride has teamed up with Universal Pictures and car maker Ford to launch a new location-based Frankenstein VR experience, with a twist: The “Universal Monsters Presents Bride of Frankenstein” ride is being shown in a moving car.

The experience gives viewers a chance to accompany the “Bride of Frankenstein” on a trip to deliver a message to Frankenstein himself.  Consumers partake in the experience by taking their seat in a dedicated Ford Explorer.

Once inside the car, they put on a VR headset, which is connected to in-car sensors to respond to acceleration, steering and more to translate the car’s movements into visual and audio effects in the VR experience.

“We are partnering with Ford and Universal to bring Holoride’s immersive, elastic content to the general public,” said Holoride o-founder and CEO Nils Wollny in a statement. “Riders will be able to experience first-hand what the future of in-vehicle entertainment looks like through the lens of the compelling story of the Bride of Frankenstein.”

“This partnership with Holoride and Ford highlights NBCUniversal’s ongoing commitment to collaborating with the most innovative technology companies and consumer brands to create unique and forward-thinking immersive experiences for our audiences,” added Universal Pictures technology partnerships vice president Greg Reed. “Building on Universal Pictures’ vast experience in developing award-winning AR and VR content over the last few years, we are excited and inspired as ‘everyday travel’ begins to emerge as a new content platform.”

Holoride’s tie-in with vehicle data not only promises to make for a more immersive experience; the company also claims that it reduces the risk of motion sickness. And while the ride still clearly is a demo, Holoride aims to eventually deliver similar VR experiences to riders in autonomous cars.

The 10-minute “Universal Monsters Presents Bride of Frankenstein” ride will be available on the Universal City Boardwalk starting on October 14 through November 9. Rides can be reserved online.