Sports journalists Hannah Storm and Andrea Kremer will return to Amazon Prime Video to call “Thursday Night Football” games for the 2019 NFL season.

It will be the third year Amazon is streaming the “TNF” package worldwide. For the 2019 season, “Thursday Night Football” on Prime Video again will comprise 11 games total, available to more than 100 million Prime members in over 200 countries and territories, and will be free to watch globally on Amazon’s Twitch.

During the 2018 run, Prime Video let “TNF” viewers watch Fox’s feeds with the Kremer-Storm commentary and analysis — the first time NFL games were broadcast with two women announcers — or pick from three other audio streams: Fox’s Joe Buck and Troy Aikman calling the game; one with Spanish-language announcers; and a U.K. team.

“Hannah and Andrea raised the bar last year as they became the first all-woman team to call NFL games,” said Marie Donoghue, VP of global sports video at Amazon. “Customer feedback has been great and we could not be more excited for Hannah and Andrea to once again bring their extensive knowledge to ‘Thursday Night Football’ on Prime Video.”

Amazon did not provide info on how many viewers opted for the Kremer-Storm audio feed last year. The company said that overall, the 11 “TNF” games in 2018 on Prime Video and Twitch combined to reach 24.4 million total viewers, up 33% from its streams for the 2017 season. The average-minute audience watching NFL games on Prime Video for at least 30 seconds was more than 500,000, a 61% year-over-year increase, and those viewers watched an average of 59 minutes, according to Amazon.

Storm currently serves as an ESPN “SportsCenter” anchor and over her career has worked at NBC Sports and CNN and served as a host on CBS’s “The Early Show.” Kremer is chief correspondent for the NFL Network and is a correspondent for HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel,” as well as a co-host for CBS Sports Network’s “We Need to Talk.”

In a statement provided by Amazon, Kremer described the first year calling “TNF” a “whirlwind,” adding, “The fact that Amazon so quickly decided to have us back next season is tremendous validation of our hard work and different approach to telling the story of, and analyzing, the games.”

Storm commented that Amazon gave the duo a unique opportunity to have “the freedom to do the show we want — and our audience really enjoyed it as well!”