Apple appears to be close to introducing the next version of its AirPods wireless headphones: The latest beta version of iOS already includes an illustration featuring the long-rumored third-generation AirPods, 9to5Mac was first to report Wednesday.

The white-on-gray icon shows an AirPod version that is bigger than its predecessors, and also features a more traditional earbud design.

Airpod 3 leaked icon

The new iOS beta also makes mention of different listening modes for the headphones, including a “focus mode.” This confirms earlier reports that the AirPods 3 would support noise cancellation, which would also explain the bulkier design as a way to block ambient noise from entering the ear.

The now-surfaced icon matches the design of an earlier leak: In September, Chinese tech site 52Audio published a handful of photos of supposed AirPods 3 prototypes that also showed a more bulbous body.

AirPods 3 leak image

There is no word yet on when Apple may announce the new product; spokespeople didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment Wednesday.

However, Apple is expected to host another product launch event for updates to its Macbooks later this month, which could also include announcements of a few other products that didn’t make it into September’s iPhone announcement event.