With the growing popularity of smart speakers, more and more consumers are expecting similar functionality from their TVs: 32% of consumers told Adobe Analytics in a recent survey that voice control is an important factor when it comes to buying their next TV set.

The tidbit is part of the latest Voice Report published by Adobe Analytics Tuesday. The report shows that smart speaker ownership and usage continues to grow, with 36% of consumers reporting that they now own such a device. A year ago, that number was at 28%, with 32% of consumers identifying as smart speaker owners in August.

75% of smart speaker owners told Adobe that they use their device at least once a day, up from 71% in August. 77% of consumers said that they increased the usage of voice assistants over the past year, and 54% of consumers now believe that voice assistants work well, with only 5% saying they work poorly, according to the survey.

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Courtesy of Adobe

The survey also once again showed that smart speakers are primarily a living room device, which is good news for TV manufacturers looking to add voice control to their devices. 64% of consumers keep their smart speaker in their living room, while 46% have one in their bedroom. Kitchens, which are heavily being targeted by smart display makers with recipe functionality and more, were only mentioned by 32% of consumers.

However, this doesn’t mean that smart displays aren’t meeting a need: 38% of consumers told Adobe that their smart speaker experience would be improved if their device had a touch screen.

As smart speakers grow in popularity, so does advertising on such devices. 25% of survey respondents told Adobe that they had heard an ad on their device. 38% of these consumers said that they found these types of ads less intrusive than ads in other types of media.