In a move that inspired and environmentally conscious companies will hopefully emulate, as a holiday gift to its employees, Warner Music Group is partnering with the One Tree Planted organization to plant trees in the fire-ravaged Amazon forest.

The company is planting 10 trees in the Amazon for each employee — a total of 48,210 trees — and will donate one more for every post on Twitter or Instagram that uses the hashtag #WMTree to promote the cause.

“Our goal is to plant 100,000 trees in the Amazon in 2020,” the note to the staff reads.

At a time when many holiday gifts are wasteful and/or of dubious use and the president seems determined to wage a spiteful and self-destructive war on the environment, the thought of a corporation actively helping to improve the Earth is a refreshing one.

The note from the company’s chiefs reads in part, “This time of year, we reflect on the things that are most important to us – our family, our friends, and our communities. It’s also a good time to remind ourselves that, as a global company, we must do more to help protect our environment and our planet.

“Often referred to as ‘the Earth’s lungs,’” the note continues, “the Amazon rainforest has been devastated this year, and is increasingly threatened by agriculture, mining, and wildfires. As a result, we’ve partnered with an organization called One Tree Planted, to contribute to the vital effort of reforestation.”

More information and social media assets can be found at wmtree.org, as well as footage of the locations where WMG trees are being planted.

“Thank you for all your dedication and teamwork in 2019. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you and yours!,” the note concludes, and is signed by Warner Music CEO Steve Cooper, Warner recorded music chairman & CEO Max Lousada, and Warner Chappell co-chairs Carianne Marshall and Guy Moot.