Mallory Rubin and Sean Fennessey have been promoted to top editorial posts at The Ringer, the pop culture and sports website and podcast network.

Fennessey has been named chief content officer and Rubin has been named editor in chief. Both editors have been with The Ringer since it launched in 2016. Fennessey previously served as the editor in chief.

Rubin was most recently executive editor. In addition, she also co-hosted the “Binge Mode” podcast. Her coverage ranges from popular TV shows to sports such as baseball and football. She has been a frequent guest on other podcasts across the company’s podcast network — a content landscape that encompasses “The Rewatchables,” “The Bill Simmons Podcast,” “Jam Session” and roughly 30 other shows.

“This has been in the works for a while, but got complicated by Mallory’s double life as a signature podcast star,” Simmons, the company’s founder, said. “She’s one of the best editors in America and unfortunately we couldn’t clone her. We tried. But she’s one of the most talented people I have ever worked with, as well as one of a handful of people who shaped this company and made it what it is. If anyone can pull this off and make it look easy, it’s Mallory.”

Podcasting has become a major driver of The Ringer’s business. The company made more than $15 million on podcast ad sales in 2018, according to a recent story in the Wall Street Journal. Simmons, a leading sports commentator, founded The Ringer after more than a decade at ESPN and after creating Grantland.