The Kids Entertainment Professionals for Young Refugees will host its third annual Kindred Spirits fundraising campaign this month on behalf of UNICEF and in coordination with World Refugee Day, which is Thursday.

The grassroots, volunteer organization’s online fundraiser will take place from June 14-27, and 100% of every donation made will benefit UNICEF.

“We call our June fundraiser Kindred Spirits because all of us in the children’s entertainment industry, regardless of what we do and where we live, are bound by a common love of children,” said Grant Moran, founder of KEPYR. “And unfortunately we’re living at a time when the world’s most vulnerable children need that love translated into action more than ever.”

According to UNICEF, one out of 200 children alive today is a refugee, totaling nearly 50 million. Since it was created by industry leaders in the kids and family entertainment industry, KEPYR has been dedicated to raising awareness and money for humanitarian crises. The group is made up of professionals in companies including Netflix, Marvel, Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Amazon, DreamWorks and Warner Bros.

This year, the Mattel Children’s Foundation and Philanthropy will match all donations made by its employees to the Kindred Spirits fundraiser.

“We’re extremely grateful for Mattel’s enthusiastic support of KEPYR and hope their leadership and generosity will inspire kids and family entertainment companies around the world to follow suit in encouraging their employees’ participation in this grassroots movement on behalf of the world’s most vulnerable children,” Moran said.