Going back to the sweeping mountain vistas of 1965’s The Sound of Music and the pulse-racing action sequences of 1991’s Point Break, Austria has long been a favored destination for international production. The small, landlocked country boasts medieval villages, fairy tale castles, and the historic city of Vienna, which ruled over various permutations of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and is home to some of the most monumental structures and gardens in Europe. On the production side, Austria offers a deep pool of local talent and a grant of up to 25% on local spend.

Overall, Austria’s grant ranges from 20% to 25%. The minimum eligible spend in the country is €400K (approximately $447,000), and minimum total production costs are pegged at €4 million (approximately $4.47 million).

For feature films, a minimum of five shooting days must take place in Austria, and all projects must pass a cultural test.

Incentives programs are handled by Austrian Film Commissions & Funds, an initiative of these regional film commissions: Carinthia Film Commission, Cinestyria Filmcommission & Fonds, Cine Tirol Film Commission, Filmlocation Salzburg, Lower Austrian Film Commission & Fund, and Vienna Film Commission.

Recent productions shot in Austria include “A Hidden Life” (2019), “A Fortunate Man” (2018), “The Spy Who Dumped Me” (2018), “Red Sparrow” (2018), “Pagan Peak” (2018 to present). “The Hunter’s Prayer” (2017), “Tulip Fever” (2017) and “Instant Dreams” (2017).

Information courtesy of the Production Incentives team at Entertainment Partners.

20%-25% Grant
$447k Minimum eligible spend in Austria
$4.47m Minimum total production costs