From intimacy on the set to diversity and inclusion to the impact of streamers on local productions, the annual London confab offers seminars that dig deeper into production trends. Here are some highlights:

Beyond Statistics: New Perspectives on Inclusion and Diversity
Workplace statistics suggest the film and TV industry is more diverse than ever. But what does “good” inclusion look like? This session examines other industries to look at how to bring even more diversity to the film and TV biz.

Brexit Logistics: What TV and Film Makers Need to Know
With another Brexit deadline looming, industry experts will present a detailed analysis of how Britain’s impending departure from the E.U. could affect the production business.

Intimacy Coordination: From the What and Why to the How
In the #MeToo era, intimacy coordinators are becoming more commonplace on sets across the world. This panel examines how the job works and how intimacy coordinators can collaborate on set with directors, talent and other departments.

Scaling Up: The Impact of a Streamer in Your Local Territory
As Netflix and other streamers boost investment in local-language productions around the globe, this session explores what that means on the ground for industries looking to scale up.

Film Finance and the Changing Landscape
With seismic shifts in how content is made and distributed around the world, this session explores changes in existing methods of film finance and new options for producers.

The Global Gold-Rush Boom
With new non-linear platforms and growing demand for cross-culture content driving global sales to record highs, this panel examines what international success looks like in an uncharted era, while offering tips on how to stay ahead of the competition.

The U.K.’s Space Race: The Reality of Attracting International Production
A U.K. production boom has put the squeeze on available studio space and resources. This discussion looks at how the country can adapt to support an even larger volume of international production.

The Future Is Green: A European Partnership
Partners from the E.U.-backed Green Screen project will present strategies for reducing the carbon footprint of film and TV productions and look at innovations driving efforts to achieve greater sustainability.

Facing the Future: What About the Independents?
Streaming services are driving up production costs and hoarding talent, even while a host of new platforms offer content sellers more options than ever before. This panel examines what the new market means for independent producers.

Collaborate + Innovate: Deal Making in a New Age of Content Creation
With more players than ever fighting for finance and top talent, this session will look at unconventional ways to develop, finance and produce compelling content for a crowded market.