Joerg Pohlman is stepping down from the management board of Germany’s ARRI, one of the world’s leading movie camera and lighting manufacturers. The board will now consist of two people: Michael Neuhaeuser and Markus Zeiler.

For the past eight years, every best picture Oscar winner has been shot on an ARRI camera; this year’s award went to “Green Book,” shot on the company’s Alexa Mini. This year, seven of the eight nominated films for best picture were shot on an ARRI.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has recognized the contribution of ARRI engineers to the movie industry with 19 scientific and technical awards.

As well as manufacturing and renting cameras and lighting for the film industry, ARRI has post-production facilities, as well as coproducing and selling movies on the international market.

Pohlman, who joined the company in 2014 from BMW, leaves on Oct. 31 to become a managing partner at his family’s company Lohmann, a manufacturer of adhesive tape.

Neuhaeuser and Zeiler will take on Pohlman’s responsibilities. Neuhaeuser will focus on technology and manufacturing, while Zeiler will focus on sales and marketing.