SPOILER ALERTDo not read if you have not yet watched the July 30 episode of “The Bachelorette: Men Tell All.”

Now just a week away from the finale, Becca Kufrin is almost at the end of her journey for love on “The Bachelorette.” Before she gets her happily ever after, though, this season’s leading lady had to return to face a room of her exes at “The Men Tell All.”

On the reunion special, this year’s fan-favorite castoffs, including Jason, Colton and Wills, along with some less popular villains, including Chris, Jordan, David and Jean Blanc, came together to break down the season’s biggest moments with the Bachelorette.

Here are the most dramatic moments from the “The Men Tell All” episode:

1. Colton defends himself against backlash over his virginity 

The former NFL player, who admitted to Kufrin during the season that he was sexually inexperienced, came under fire early during the reunion show when he was mocked by his fellow contestants over his virginity.

During a heated moment, Jean Blanc took a jab at Colton, saying he was “acting like a p— even though you’ve never been inside of one.”

Later, during his solo sit-down with host Chris Harrison, Colton opened up about criticism he’d received about his sex life, calling revealing his virginity on the show “the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life.” He spoke about the shame he had about his choice while growing up as an athlete in a locker room culture, and that he made up a lot of lies to try to fit in with his teammates.

Breaking down into tears, he also called out the “cheap shots” taken against him on stage from Jean Blanc and some of the other men.

“It’s sad that it’s viewed as baggage or red flags or skeletons in the closet, hopefully it’s something that’s respected so I can continue to live my truth,” Colton said. Cue the emotion!

2. Jordan continues to spar with the men 

This season’s comedic relief, male model Jordan, took center stage at the “Tell All,” picking fights with Colton, Kamil, Christian and of course, his arch nemesis David, over everything from his golden underwear to his number of Tinder matches.

After being accused of being a clown and putting on an act for the camera, Jordan claimed, “No one in this room — this audience — is more confident than I am.”

“If you guys don’t believe I was myself, play it back, I certainly was myself,” he continued, before comparing himself to a Rolls Royce and unbuttoning his pants on stage to reveal he was wearing the famed golden undergarments. What a character.

3. Grocery Store Joe gets his redemption

Joe, a grocery store owner from Chicago, became a surprisingly quick fan-favorite despite being sent home on the first episode of the season. During the “Tell All,” he finally got his time in the spotlight, sitting down with Harrison to discuss his extreme social media support and what he joked was a “pretty bad” few hours on the show.

Before the season aired, Joe said he warned friends about his poor performance and was embarrassed about getting sent home night one.

“I remember before the show aired I was freaking out, but it went well,” the clearly camera-shy contestant admitted, confessing to fans stopping him on the street to take pictures and confess their love for him. With an upcoming appearance on “Bachelor in Paradise,” expect that to only increase, Joe!

4. Jason reacts to being sent home before the fantasy suites 

After Kufrin emotionally sent him home ahead of the final two, Jason returned to the show to recount falling in love with the Bachelorette and his surprise exit.

Quickly tearing up watching his highlights from the season, he said that despite the heartbreak he still hoped to be friends with Kufrin down the line, and admitted that the sudden breakup was “tough to comprehend.”

“I don’t know that I got the closure I was asking for, but she got the closure she needed to go on and find her happiness,” Jason added. “And that gives me what I need.”

And with that, let Jason’s campaign for the next Bachelor begin.

5. Chris Harrison avoids addressing this season’s controversial contestants 

The show’s host did not discuss the controversy surrounding Lincoln Adim and Garrett Yrigoyen, two of this season’s suitors who faced severe backlash online for their off-camera behavior. Adim, who was eliminated from the show mid-season, was not present at the “Tell All” after he was recently convicted of indecent assault and battery stemming from a 2016 incident.

Yrigoyen was found early in the season to have a history of liking Instagram posts that mock Parkland high school students, liberal women, trans people, and undocumented immigrants. He also did not take part in the special as he is in Kufrin’s final two, and his controversial social media use wasn’t a topic of discussion on the show.

Next week, Kufrin will give out her final rose and accept an engagement from either Yrigoyen or Blake in the season finale.

“The Bachelorette” airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.