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SPOILER ALERTDo not read if you have not yet watched the July 16 episode of “The Bachelorette.”

With only four men left in the running for the final rose — Garrett Yrigoyen, Blake, Colton and Jason — week eight on “The Bachelorette” brought the remaining relationships back to the real world, with Becca Kufrin meeting the suitors’ respective families.

After a tropical destination in the Bahamas last week, Kufrin kicked off her meet-the-parents tour with Garrett’s hometown date in Central California. He revealed his family is in the agriculture business, so the two hopped on tractors to plant some tomatoes, and of course, make out behind the wheel. They even planted a rose bush so Garrett could “give [her] endless roses” in the future. Smooth!

For seemingly the millionth time, Kufrin grilled Garrett on his previous marriage, as she was the first woman he’d brought home since his ex-wife. After the appropriate amount of buildup, the couple went to meet his parents and siblings, who were clearly very skeptical and reeling from the damage done from his first marriage. Poor Becca had to repeatedly hear how this previous woman had hurt him and attempt to prove that she wouldn’t do the same to him. Let the girl breathe!

In the end, she seemed to have convinced them, with both walking away saying the meeting had been a success. One down, three to go.

Next up, Kufrin headed to Buffalo, N.Y. to visit Jason’s family. She was in for a jam-packed day of competitive wing eating, ice skating and kissing on top of a Zamboni. A day right out of a fairytale!

After the activities, the two had dinner with Jason’s parents and brother, who, like most logical people, weren’t 100% sure about their son dating someone who is also dating three other men, but were supportive and seemed to like the Bachelorette. At the encouragement of his brother, he told Kufrin that he’s in love with her — and then it was on to the next hometown date.

The third stop was visiting Blake in Colorado, who immediately took her to his high school to talk about his past. While initially unclear why they were there, he revealed that when he was a student, a school shooting took place and that it had heavily impacted the person he has become. On a lighter note, he took her to the school auditorium for a surprise, which turned out to be a private concert with Betty Who, Kufrin’s favorite singer. Blake with the major brownie points!

Following the concert, the duo had dinner with his family, and like Garrett, his family had some fears about the relationship following his recent past heartbreak. Kufrin seemed to bond with his family and quell some of their concerns, solidifying their strong relationship.

The last date of the week went to Colton, also based in Colorado, with the two visiting a children’s hospital and spending the day playing with kids. He admitted that Kufrin was the first woman he’d brought home to meet his parents, which made the Bachelorette admittedly nervous.

For a first-time meeting, Kufrin was hit with many of Colton’s family members, including his parents, siblings, aunts and uncles. His dad came in with the hard-hitting questions, asking about her previous relationship with Arie Luyendyk Jr. and how she felt about Colton’s past relationship with Tia. Colton’s virginity, which he revealed last week, and whether he was ready to settle down, was also a point of discussion. After the dinner, Colton told the Bachelorette he loved her. With four successful hometown dates and four men declaring their love, what’s a girl to do?!

To help her decide what to do, Kufrin’s “Bachelor” friends Tia, Bekah, Sienne, Kendall and Caroline returned to consult on her decision for the top three. In the middle of recounting her journey, Tia pulled Kufrin aside to tell her that she still has feelings for Colton from their past fling, putting the Bachelorette in a very uncomfortable spot.

Ahead of the rose ceremony, Colton confronted host Chris Harrison about the upcoming fantasy suites and what he would be comfortable doing as a virgin, but was quickly comforted. Giving out the final three roses, Kufrin ended up sending Colton home, keeping around Garrett, Blake and Jason.

Kufrin said Tia didn’t affect her decision, so it’s up to the audience to question if it was because of her feelings or really because of her friendship that she sent Colton packing. Next week, the final three head to Thailand, with an engagement looming in a few short weeks.

“The Bachelorette” airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.