SPOILER ALERTDo not read if you have not yet watched the July 2 episode of “The Bachelorette.”

Sure, Virginia is for lovers, but during Week 6 on “The Bachelorette,” Virginia is also for plenty of man drama and heartbreak. At roughly the halfway point on her journey to find love, Becca Kufrin and her suitors continued their travels across the U.S., this week visiting Richmond, Va. with the nine remaining men.

Jason, who has gotten limited screen time this season but seems to have some connection with Kufrin, landed the first one-on-one of the week, where the two explored the city and stumbled onto an Edgar Allen Poe gothic celebration. Later, they went for a drink at a local pub where the Bachelorette surprised Jason with a visit from three of his close friends from home, and despite the fact that he’s been gone filming for six weeks, greeted them like he’d been on a two-year-long journey. Kufrin grilled his friends about the real off-camera Jason and seemed quickly smitten. Is Jason this season’s dark horse?

At dinner, he opened up about his family life and Kufrin discussed her dad’s death when she was 19, the first time we’ve seen her talk about the subject on the show. After diving deep into their pasts and emotions, Jason was awarded the rose and Kufrin admitted she was suddenly falling for him. Jason with the quick moves!

Following plenty of bickering at the hotel, mostly led by Chris, the week’s group date brought seven of the men to the Virginia capitol for a day of — history? A George Washington and Abraham Lincoln impersonator — very romantic! — gave a lesson of the city’s past, and revealed that the day would involve the men participating in a “political debate” on the capitol steps. Shockingly, the debate quickly dissolved into a public catfight, with Chris and Lincoln (the suitor, not Abraham) getting into it and exchanging personal insults. Chris was already in the doghouse with the Bachelorette from last week, after throwing a fit about not getting enough of her attention and threatened to leave.

Kufrin, embarrassed by the day’s events, talked to Chris at the afterparty about hearing he was aggressive and verbally abusive towards the other men, further angering her and kicking off an all-out battle between the seven suitors. Seems like all of the issues can be traced back to one bad egg! Eventually, the Bachelorette calmed down and resumed the group date, continuing to deepen connections with Garrett Yrigoyen, Colton and Wills, with Colton taking home the group date rose.

Still upset and drained from the group date, Kufrin went on a second one-on-one with Leo, the long-haired, smooth-talking stuntman who has provided commentary for much of this season’s drama. Leo hasn’t had much of a romantic connection with Kufrin up to this point, but after venting about the previous night’s fighting, the two seemed to form a bond over clamming off the coast. What brings a couple closer than eating raw seafood and making out on a fishing boat?

Cleaning up that evening for a much nicer meal, Leo opened up about his insecurities and what he’s looking for in a relationship, and after working his way out of the friendzone, was given a rose. In classic “Bachelor” fashion, the two ended the evening with a “surprise,” AKA a private concert where they had to dance awkwardly in front of a screaming crowd and pretend to be No. 1 fans of a no-name musician. If a man can get through that, he really may be husband material.

Following the date, with Kufrin’s spirits finally lifted, Chris showed up at the Bachelorette’s hotel room to try to make things better… only to once again make things worse. Suddenly proclaiming that he could see himself marrying Kufrin, after just last week saying he was considering going home because he wasn’t sure where their relationship was going, Chris and Kufrin got into yet another fight about his behavior. Proving once again to be the empowered, not-here-to-play-games Bachelorette that we deserve, Kufrin quickly sent him home, saying that the two of them would never work out. And all across America, the people cheered!

The Bachelorette called off the cocktail party and headed straight to handing out the roses, sending home Lincoln and Connor. Lincoln was at the center of off-screen drama this month, as he was convicted of indecent assault and battery resulting from a 2016 incident in Boston. With Chris sent home, that sets Kufrin’s final six suitors, who will next week continue their journey in the Bahamas.

“The Bachelorette” airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.