SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not yet watched “The Bachelor” episode from Monday, Feb. 5.

It’s all about finding love in the City of Love for Week 6 on “The Bachelor,” with Arie Luyendyk Jr. and his 10 remaining women traveling to Paris.

Last week was filled with plenty of drama on the Krystal front, as she and the Bachelor fought over her decision to skip a group date and the women put up a united front against her. Still, she made it through to this week, and, as ABC had been teasing all week, landed a spot on the dreaded two-on-one date, which even she admits is an “obvious choice.”

The first French date went to Lauren B., who Luyendyk has been very vocal about being attracted to, with the two taking a scenic boat ride and walk through Paris. The date quickly started to go south, though, with them struggling to make conversation and the Bachelor questioning if she even liked him, as Lauren kept mostly silent throughout the sightseeing.

“I’m so attracted to her and I want it to work, but if there’s no connection by the end of the night I’ll have to say goodbye,” Luyendyk said during his solo interview, clearly frustrated.

At dinner, Lauren talked about her struggle with opening up, and the Bachelor revealed a big part of his past, telling her about an ex who ended their relationship following a miscarriage. Lauren added that she was engaged to her last boyfriend and dove into her insecurities, which proved to be just the amount of opening up  Ludyendyk needed. She received the rose.

“I feel like I really could fall in love with him,” she said at the end of the date. Way to turn that ship around!

The week’s group date centered on the Moulin Rouge, much to the excitement of the women (well, minus Tia). They were trained on the dance moves, decked out in elaborate costumes and set to compete for the best performance, with the winner receiving the rose and getting to perform in the actual show that night.

“This date today is definitely for the women,” Luyendyk declared. But as the women paraded on stage in thongs it seemed to be a bit more for him.

That night, the date continued into a cocktail party, with Bekah M. — who this week made waves after it was revealed she was on the missing persons list while filming the show — admitting she was starting to get jealous of Luyendyk’s relationships with other women. Seinne (aka the Yale graduate) continued to show that she’s way out of the Bachelor’s league by speaking fluent French and showing her off past as a dancer.

Bekah M. landed the date rose, meaning she got to perform at the Moulin Rouge. As the other women watched jealously from the audience, she danced with Luyendyk, who admitted he’s “definitely falling for her.”

The following day, Kendall was sent to take on Krystal for the two-on-one date, which Luyendyk said he knew would “be awkward.” In his interview, the Bachelor expressed concerns about each woman, but he said the date is a “second chance” for Krystal, while for Kendall, who has never been in a long-term relationship, it was a chance to prove she is ready for commitment. In an impressively metaphoric outing, the three worked their way through a maze, where Krystal and Luyendyk quickly found each other and Kendall got lost.

As the date continued, Luyendyk said, “If I see the same side of Krystal that I saw last week in Fort Lauderdale, the decision will be really easy because I can’t be with someone like that.”

The two talked through last week’s issues, and Krystal quickly started to convince him that Kendall wasn’t ready for marriage. The Bachelor then addressed this concern with Kendall, pitting the two against each other even further. Instead of going on the attack, though, Kendall tried to empathize with her and understand why she lashed out — in a very uncharacteristic “Bachelor” sequence. Women getting along, if only for a moment? This is a new look for the show.

After speaking with both women, Luyendyk said that wasn’t ready to give out the rose and pushed the decision to dinner. Eventually, the Bachelor decided to send Krystal packing — much to her surprise and anger — which meant leaving her sitting alone at a restaurant overlooking Paris (one of the show’s nicer breakups, honestly). Back in the hotel, the rest of the women celebrated Krystal’s elimination, popping bottles of champagne as Kendall continued the rest of the date alone with Luyendyk.

After going through that emotional rollercoaster, there was somehow still another date — a one-on-one with Jacqueline, a 26-year-old research coordinator who has gotten zero airtime before this episode.

The date was off to a rocky start when Luyendyk’s car broke down but continued with shopping and lunch in Paris. They quickly got down to a serious conversation about the future and revealed some relationship hurdles, with the Bachelor saying he wanted to stay in Arizona and Jacqueline pointing out she needs six more years of school to get her PhD. The two decided they don’t want to give up on a possible future yet, though, and she got the rose, with Luyendyk admitting he could fall for her. Is Jacqueline coming out of nowhere to be a dark horse for the final rose?

There was no cocktail party this week, and Jenna and Chelsea were sent home at the rose ceremony. This week’s episode was by far the most eventful of the season, and it will be interesting to see how the plot changes with Krystal gone, considering that was a major storyline of Luyendyk’s journey. 

Next week, the Bachelor and his 7 remaining women head to Tuscany and compete for the upcoming four hometown dates spots.

“The Bachelor” airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.