SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not yet watched “The Bachelor” episode from Monday, Feb. 26.

It’s down to three for week 9 on “The Bachelor,” with one week to go until Arie Luyendyk Jr. hands out his final rose. Becca K., Lauren B. and Kendall remain in the running for Luyendyk’s heart after Tia’s surprise hometown date elimination, and the group headed to Peru for a week of one-on-ones and fantasy suites.

Kendall kicked off the week by going to the sand dunes to ride buggies and talk about about meeting her family the week before. While on a picnic in the dunes, she admitted that she was struggling to feel ready for an engagement so soon, saying,”If Arie proposed to me today I’d probably say no.” Well, a few days should surely be enough to change her mind, right?

On the dinner date, Kendall elaborated on her concerns, noting the other women were ready to marry Luyendyk but she wasn’t there yet.

“I want to know that Arie isn’t dating me just because I’m quirky and I like taxidermy and all this weird stuff that makes me, me,” she said. “I can’t see myself accepting a fantasy suite or going further if I don’t feel like I’m confident and ready for a proposal at the end of this [but] I don’t want it to end just because I’m not ready.”

Still, on the date she told the Bachelor she was falling in love with him, which he said back, and she also said yes to joining him in the fantasy suite. In the morning, the two raved about all the things they had learned about each other, like how they like their eggs. If that’s not enough for Kendall to be ready for an engagement, what will?

Next up was Lauren’s date, where the two took a tour of Peru by plane, in her signature style — silence.

“You’re so in your head right now,” Luyendyk told her as they struggled, once again, to make conversation.

At lunch, he tried to comfort her, admitting, “I see this incredible woman, but I only get to see glimpses of her.”

Lauren opened up about her fears and insecurities and said that she’s thought about going home because it’s too hard. “It scares the s— out of me that you would leave me,” Luyendyk responded, as Lauren said she needed to feel like the only girl he was interested in. Considering this is “The Bachelor,” good luck with that.

Later in the night, the two again tackled her insecurities and Lauren’s fear of losing him, which Luyendyk remedied by telling her he loved her and didn’t want to lose her. She responded that she also loved him, and the two headed to the fantasy suite.

“I wanted these feelings again. I just didn’t know if I could feel them, but I did with you,” Luyendyk told her.

After their night together, Lauren proclaimed, “I can’t see Arie ending up with anyone else but me.” What a 180 that was.

Becca rounded out the week with the third date, exploring Peru by sea with Luyendyk, who explained their relationship as “the safest and most comfortable.” They spent the afternoon planning their future, deciding where they would live, and how long they would be long distance.

The two later had dinner in a tent on the sand dunes, and Luyendyk spoke about his fear of “choosing the wrong person at the end of this.” Becca told the Bachelor that she was in love with him, which he said back, and they agreed to the fantasy suite, which was an elaborate set up in the dunes. Considering the other two women had luxury hotel room suites, it seemed like Becca got a little short-changed.

“There’s a part of me that wants to end this now and propose here in the sand dunes,” Luyendyk said at the end of their date.

But just when things seemed to be going smoothly for the Bachelor, Becca’s ex, Ross, appeared, claiming she was his soulmate and he wanted her back.

Ross confronted Luyendyk at his hotel room, saying he found out a week ago Becca was on the show. “As long as I’ve thought about her, that’s my proposal to give her. She’s the love of my life, I want to marry her,” Ross told the Bachelor, explaining that he “came here to get her.” Ross left to talk to Becca, as Luyendyk questioned his intentions and said how angry he was.

Clearly shocked that he was there, Becca immediately shut Ross down, refusing to talk to him in her room and telling him, “I knew you were going to do this.” The ex continued to proclaim his love for her, but Becca said she couldn’t go back to their unhealthy relationship, and Ross left before giving the proposal he had planned. Becca then headed over to Luyendyk’s hotel room to apologize for Ross’ appearance, and the Bachelor voiced uncertainty over his role in her life.

At the rose ceremony, though, Becca still made the cut. Luyendyk pulled Kendall aside to end their relationship, saying it wasn’t on the same page as the other two. Lauren and Becca are going into next week’s two-night finale, which host Chris Harrison has said is “unlike anything that’s ever happened” before on the show.

“The Bachelor” airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.