SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you have not yet watched “The Bachelor: Women Tell All” episode from Sunday, Feb. 25.

Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s time as “The Bachelor” is winding down, with only three women left vying for his final rose. That means it’s the special part of the season where he must face all of his exes in one room at ‘The Women Tell All.’ For this year’s reunion special, 18 of Luyendyk’s cast-offs returned, including favorites Tia, Bekah M. and Seinne, along with villain Krystal, to discuss their time on the show and breakups with the Bachelor.

Here are the most dramatic moments from the “The Women Tell All” special:

1. Caroline confronts Luyendyk for final rose decision

Caroline, who was sent home during week four, called out Luyendyk on his choice in the finale, questioning how he could hurt one of the women and make the decision that he did – which viewers will not see for another week.

“I know what you did and I don’t know how you could do that,” she said. “I just really don’t understand but I hope you found what you’re looking for.”

“I think that’ll play out in the weeks to come,” Luyendyk responded. Tension!

2. Krystal calls Luyendyk a “needle dick” in unaired footage

During week 5, when 12 of the remaining women traveled to Fort Lauderdale, Krystal exploded on Luyendyk after a bowling challenge when he decided to keep the losing team around for the second half of the date, having earlier said the losers would return to the hotel. While viewers saw Krystal visibly angry and fighting with the Bachelor, ABC did not air what she said about him at the time. In the clip back at the hotel, shown during “The Women Tell All,” Krystal called Luyendyk a “needle dick” and the other women on the date “c—-.”

As the women fought with Krystal about her comments at the “Tell All” taping, she tried to defend herself, saying, “I wouldn’t have reacted like that if I hadn’t felt invested in my relationship with him. Looking back I see some things where I’m like, ‘That didn’t look good.'”

“Like calling him a needle dick?” Chris Harrison asked.

Krystal also tried to explain why her voice was so different on the “Tell All” than on the season, claiming she lost her voice while on the show — for an entire six weeks.

3. Bekah M. talks backlash for 14-year age gap with Luyendyk

Bekah M. is 22, which became a major storyline on this season. She also faced criticism online for her relationship with Luyendyk, who is 36.

“I’ve never experienced, quite frankly, the judgement,” she told Harrison. “There’s other girls that are 23, 24 and 25 and no one’s taking shots at their age. It’s just annoying.”

She added that she didn’t think the problem was really that she was 22, saying, “I think he projected his insecurities of being too old for me on me — not about me being too young.”

Bekah M., who earlier this year made headlines after it was revealed she was on the missing person’s list, also explained the mix-up, saying her mom reported her missing after spending a week on a marijuana farm with friends, and they were unaware she was still on the list.

4. Tia reacts to being sent home after hometowns

Tia was clearly heartbroken after being sent surprisingly sent home following hometown dates. During a solo sit-down with Harrison, she admitted she was just as shocked as the audience was to be sent home.

“I was really surprised about going home, I really didn’t expect it, I told myself our connection is too good for him to give up on us now,” she said.

Harrison confessed that after Luyendyk sent her home, he told the host he wasn’t sure if she he had just made a mistake. “That’s gut-wrenching, absolutely gut-wrenching,” Tia responded.

5. Chelsea and Marikh fight over “glam-shaming”

During the Lake Tahoe week of dates, Chelsea complained to Luyendyk that Marikh was more focused on fixing her hair and makeup than on the actual date, which Marikh defined as “glam-shaming.” The issue came up again on the “Tell All” stage, with the women split on if “glam-shaming” really existed. Chelsea, a model herself, claimed that it wasn’t and gave Marikh a compact as a sarcastic peace offering, but Marikh was clearly upset.

6. Luyendyk takes on Krystal’s comments

At the end of the “Tell All,” Krystal asked to come to the stage to talk to Luyendyk about their relationship and comments she made about him on the show. He quickly shut her down, and when she complained about struggling to get time with him, he said, “Yeah, but this is ‘The Bachelor.'”

“I stuck up for you this entire time, it’s just frustrating seeing that side of it,” he added, before Harrison brought up the “needle dick” comment, which Luyendyk had not seen because he was backstage when it played in the studio. “Play that clip!,” chanted the women and the audience as Harrison ended the segment.

Kendall, Becca K. and Lauren B. remain as Luyendyk’s final three, with the finale airing Mar. 5 on ABC. Harrison promises it will be “unlike anything that’s ever happened on this show.”

“The Bachelor” airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.