TLC Boss Defends ‘Trading Spaces’ Star Carter Oosterhouse Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Carter Oosterhouse
Sansho Scott/BFA/REX/Shutterstoc

TLC is standing by “Trading Spaces” star Carter Oosterhouse, who has been accused of inappropriate behavior with a makeup artist he worked with on his HGTV show “Carter Can.”

Nancy Daniels, president and general manager of TLC, said that the network had looked into the allegations levied against him, as well as the show’s production. “At the end of the day, we feel very comfortable continuing with Carter in the show,” she told reporters Friday at the Television Critics Assn. press tour in Pasadena, Calif. Oosterhouse was scheduled to be on the panel for the show, but did not appear.

Kailey Kaminsky, who was his makeup artist, has accused the host of pressuring her into performing oral sex during the production of the show. Oosterhouse acknowledged that he was in a relationship with Kaminsky, but denied any coercion.

Oosterhouse’s wife, Amy Smart, defended him when the news first broke in a lengthy post on Instagram. The accusations are “taking it too far and boundaries are being crossed,” she wrote. “When you are in a CONSENSUAL RELATIONSHIP, then you need to take responsibility for engaging in that and not play victim.”

She continued, “The article is very damaging and cruel to one of the most kindest, loving, non-aggressive men I have the privilege of knowing and I am so sorry for these salacious words being thrown around, they are extremely hurtful. This type of reporting needs to stop, it’s so damaging for personal lives and careers and just not fair.”

The new season of “Trading Spaces” is set to return Saturday, April 7 at 9pm on TLC.