4 Things We Learned at TCA: Day 13

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The CW and Showtime took the stage Monday as the 2018 TCA summer press tour enters its home stretch.

The CW dashed any current hopes fans of “Supernatural” had of a potential spinoff, while Showtime announced the official end of “Homeland.”

Here are 4 things we learned from Monday’s session.

1.Don’t count on another show in the “Supernatural” universe. The CW has tried and failed multiple times to launch a new “Supernatural” show. After passing this spring on “Wayward Sisters,” the network has no immediate plans to try again. “‘Supernatural’ may be Jared and Jensen, and there may not be a franchise beyond that,” CW president Mark Pedowitz said — though added that if producers came to him with a spinoff pitch, he would consider it.

2. “Dynasty” is adding real-life telenovela star Ana Brenda Contreras to its second season as “the real Cristal” in a spot of soap opera recasting. She replaces Season 1 star Nathalie Kelley, who confirmed back in June that she would not return for the show’s second season. Additionally, the fourth and final season of “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” is bringing in “Pitch Perfect” star Skylar Astin to play Greg, a role originally played by Santino Fontana.

3. “Homeland” is officially coming to a close after eight seasons. Showtime president and CEO David Nevins made the announcement ahead of his executive session. Showtime programming president Gary Levine also noted that the show “is not limping into the sunset. Last season was one of its best ever.” Season 8 will premiere in June 2019.

4. Jim Carrey discussed what it was that drew him to the Showtime series “Kidding.” “The search for identity is a theme that’s always been attractive to me,” Carrey said. “There’s definitely something in this piece that calls to me.” Carrey went on to say that the show touches on the idea of “trying to hang on to the idea of the self.”