Terry Crews has one answer for the questions that have been levied at him over his story of sexual assault by a Hollywood agent.

In a tweet posted on Friday, the “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star wrote out a series of victim-blaming questions he has been asked followed by his response: that he took every measure possible to hold the agent accountable.

The questions included “Why didn’t you say something?,” “Why didn’t you push him off?,” and “Why didn’t you tell the police?,” which Crews answered “I did” to each. Then, the questions concluded with “Why did you just let it happen?,” to which Crews responded, “I didn’t,” and “Why didn’t you beat him up?,” which Crews responded with “(Sigh).”

The tweet comes days after Crews testified on Tuesday to a Senate Judiciary Committee on the Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights, which he said “gives survivors the right to have time to distance themselves from the immediate trauma before making the difficult decision to report the assault to law enforcement.”

Crews has also refused to appear in the upcoming “Expendables 4” movie after producer Avi Lerner (who is also being accused of sexual harassment in a separate claim) told Crews’ manager to drop the case if he wanted a role in the movie.

Other celebrities and figures have spoken out in support of Crews on Twitter, including Gabrielle Union, Lesley-Ann Brandt, and former Vice President Joe Biden.