CBS late-night hosts Stephen Colbert and James Corden yukked it up at the network’s upfront presentation in New York on Wednesday.

Colbert kicked things off with a barrage of Donald Trump jokes, as well as a few pointed references to the ongoing legal battle between Shari Redstone and CBS. Later on, Corden decided to forego the traditional monologue and instead pitch the assembled advertisers his very own show: “Young Corden.”

Read some of their best jokes below.

Donald Trump

Colbert leaned into his usual strong brand of political humor, taking more than a few shots at the Donald Trump White House. Joking that fired members of the Trump administration might be looking for jobs at CBS, he cautioned Steve Bannon, “‘The Amazing Race’ is not what you think it’s about.”

Colbert also reminisced about the events of just last year, saying “One year ago, you had no excuse if your boss caught you Googling Stormy Daniels.”

He then joked about Trump running his administration like a TV network, lamenting that “The Rex Tillerson Show” did not get renewed. “It was like ‘Dallas’ meets ‘Madam Secreatry’ meets one of those commercials where they scrape oil off a pelican,” he said.

National Amusements Inc-CBS

Colbert made multiple references to the legal drama unfolding between CBS and National Amusements Inc. president Shari Redstone, saying, “CBS has some of the most exciting legal dramas and some great TV shows.”

He closed out his appearance by saying that he was going to address the “elephant in the room” and that all in attendance “know which side I’m on.”

“It’s Yanny! You Laurel people are insane!” he said, citing an audio clip that went viral this week.


Colbert couldn’t leave without taking a few jabs at his home network. Referencing CBS’ upcoming reboot of “Magnum P.I.” and the revival of “Murphy Brown,” he said the shows will “guarantee we will be the number one network in 2018 — and 1988.”

Remarking on the success of “Young Sheldon,” Colbert said, “The network is unveiling a young version of ’60 Minutes’ called — I’m kidding. There is no young version of ’60 Minutes.'”

“Young Corden”

“I have an idea for a show and it is a winner,” Corden said. “I pitched it to Les [Moonves], to Kelly [Kahl], to Thom [Sherman]. … Everybody has said it sucks but they’re wrong. The show is called ‘Young Corden.'” He went on to describe the show as a “whimsical tale of a classic song and dance kid” who overcomes bullying in grade school to fulfill his dream of hosting a late-night show. But the show is not a normal coming of age tale.

“It’s also a crime procedural that takes place in a hospital,” he said. “But not just a hospital, a sexy hospital.”