Sky has reported an average 11.5% gap between the men and women in its ranks in Britain – a gap that widens to 40% when it comes to bonuses. The pay-TV giant was the first of several U.K. TV firms, Wednesday, to outline the gender pay gaps within their organizations.

BBC Worldwide and Scottish-based STV also put out gender pay numbers. Worldwide, the commercial arm of U.K. pubcaster the BBC, said that its gender pay gap in the 2016/17 financial year was 18.9%, rising to 33% for bonuses.

“Our results show that there is still more to be done with regards to our gender pay gap,” said Tim Davie, CEO, BBC Worldwide. “We recognize that the main cause of this imbalance is structural and work is underway to improve this.”

At Glasgow-based STV the pay gap was 22.8% and bonus gap 56%. It is targeting a gender balance among the top 25% of earners within five years.

All companies in Britain with more than 250 employees are now legally bound to report, in broad terms, what they pay their male and female employees. Earlier this week ITV said it had a 16.4% gender pay gap, and Channel 4 previously reported a divide of 28.6%.

Groups such as ERA 50:50 (pictured) are campaigning for a gender balance in the film and TV business. Pay storms at the BBC, and relating to Netflix’s U.K.-produced series “The Crown,” have added to the pressure to address pay gaps, and the representation of women on screen.

Sky was the first out the gate with its report Wednesday. The pay-TV giant employs 25,000 people in the U.K. the salary disparity between the sexes is below the nationwide average of 14%.

The satcaster has operations in Europe, which span Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and the U.K. The pay numbers apply only to the U.K., where Sky is the largest pay-TV operator.

Stephen van Rooyen, CEO of Sky in the U.K., said: “We have ambitious targets in place – such as aiming for 50-50 gender balance amongst our most senior roles by 2020 – which demonstrates the importance we’re placing on improving gender balance across all levels of our organization.”