Simulmedia, a technology company that makes products for advertisers using so-called “advanced TV,” said it has launched a new offering, “Transparent TV,” that allows advertisers and agencies to get more information about the results of commercials placed in this fashion.

“Typically, TV advertising has had the expectation that ‘you get what you get and you don’t get upset;’ Transparent TV changes that,” said Dave Morgan. CEO of Simulmedia, in a statement.

The product hopes to tap growing interest in so-called “addressable” advertising, or video ads delivered to tailored audience segments.

The new product allows advertisers to build campaigns utilizing advanced technology options to reach TV advertisers, but also guarantee these plans for impression delivery against an age and gender demo or a strategic target based on Nielsen data, the gold standard of audience targeting on TV, as well as MRI or NBI audiences.

Marketers and media agencies using Transparent TV will pay a flat tech and service fee, depending on service tier. All media costs will be transparent.

Simulmedia is a New York based technology company that gives advertisers and their agencies  advanced TV solutions with full transparency on media reporting, marketing outcomes, competitive insights, and pricing. Powered by the company’s patented VAMOS software platform, Simulmedia helps to power national TV ad campaigns at scale.