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On Friday, TV festival SeriesFest announced its official selections for this year’s international pilot competition.

The fourth annual event, held in Denver, Colo. from June 22 to 27, will welcome 56 pilots from nine countries across the categories of “Independent Pilot,” “Digital Short Series” and “Late Night.” This year’s work features stars like Dan Harmon, Adrian Grenier, Blythe Danner, Laura Linney and James Lafferty.

“It’s amazing to see how this competition has grown,” said Randi Kleiner, founder and CEO of SeriesFest said in a statement. “I’m so thrilled with the quality of work and the diversity of voices. This competition is truly the heart and soul of why we do what do.”

The international pilot competition will join SeriesFest’s other highlights, including a live performance by country music stars Lady Antebellum, the world premiere screening of NBC’s “New Amsterdam” and a special event with AMC’s “Lodge 49.”

Full list of selected pilots below:



Creators: Lori Alan, Fia Perera
Cast: Lori Alan, Mindy Sterling, Phil LaMarr, Mo Gaffney, Paul Iacono, Drew Droege
USA, 13m

“Do The Voice” is a musical comedy starring Lori Alan, as a self-absorbed but lovable 50-year-old famous voice over actress struggling to find true love and relevancy in the unforgiving world of Hollywood.


Creators: Evan Jonigkeit, Zosia Mamet, Alex Gayner
Cast: Zosia Mamet, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Norbert Leo Butz
USA, 14:39m

The imaginative realities of two young women living in a bureaucratic behavioral therapy ward are empowered and affirmed through the friendship that grows between them.

First World Problems (COLORADO PREMIERE)

Creator: X. Dean Lim
Cast: Stephen Park, Brandon Soo-Hoo, Tamlyn Tomita, Nikki Soohoo
USA, 10m

Harold, an Asian-American, realizes his family members are apathetic douchebags. But when a mysterious crisis starts a ticking clock, he issues a wake-up call to prove they’re more than Amazon, Audi and Autopay. The question is: can he be wrong?


Creator: Kincaid Walker
Cast: Kincaid Walker, Parvesh Cheena, Jeff Torres
USA, 14:20m

The “snuggle is real” in “Hug It Out,” a digital comedy series following Gwen, recently-divorced, broke AF and riddled with intimacy issues, who becomes a professional snuggler in LA to make ends meet. In this weird, hilarious world, Gwen meets a new client each episode – among them, a disillusioned war vet; an agoraphobic furry; a depressed, religious mother; and a recovering nudist.

Kim Bush’s Abduction (COLORADO PREMIERE)

Creators: Courtney Bush, Will Carington, Jake Goicoechea
Cast: Kim Bush, Gabe Bush, Courtney Bush
USA, 9m

In “Kim Bush’s Abduction,” one Southern matriarch, Kim, and her two daughters navigate the intense social scene of Gulfport, Mississippi, dealing with what feels like one Christmas anti-miracle after another. It’s the Bush women vs. the world, all from Kim’s concrete house on a post-Katrina abandoned street by the beach.


Creators: Tastemade
Cast: Chefs- Curtis Stone, Brooke Williamson, Eric Greenspan, Nyesha Arrington, Richard Blais, Ludo Lefebvre    Kids-Gia Davis, Eli Kaplan, Mila Kember, Emmersyn Fiorentino, Dylin Rodrigo, Elmo
USA, 12m

Who says kids can’t rule the kitchen? In Tastemade’s critically acclaimed show, Kitchen Little, we hand over the culinary reigns to the next generation of sous-chefs. We’re pairing the country’s top chefs with regular kids to see what happens when you give complete control of a kitchen to someone who can barely see over the counter!


Creator: Michael Schwartz
Cast: Jennifer Mudge, Chris Henry Coffey
USA, 14m

Maddie and Dan Taylor are the married co-founders of Lucas Academy, a remote, therapeutic boarding school for troubled teenagers in Flathead Lake, Montana. When a new student arrives with surprising connections to the school, Maddie’s world begins to unravel as she discovers dark, intertwined truths about her own family and the program’s inception.


Creators: Jamel Davall, Anna Jones
Cast: Jamel Davall, Carmen Argenziano
USA, 6:43m

An Uber-perspective on today’s divided America. One episode for each of the six days leading up to the 2016 election.

Patricia Moore (US PREMIERE)

Creator: Blake Fraser
Cast: Danielle Cormack, Marlo Kelly, Less Hill, Joe Klocek
AUS/FR, 20m

The Moore’s, a family of cannibals travel from town to town in the Australian outback. Daughter Patricia, 16, is used as bait. When the family is forced to stop in a remote village, Patricia meets local teenager Toby. Her desire to live a normal teenage life leads to a bloody tragedy for all.


Creators: Lamia Alami, Widad Hafda
Cast: Farel Baleketa, Fanny Buttafoghi, Anthony Verlaine
MOR/FR, 15m

“People of …” are intimate, complex and diverse portraits of people who, through a life changing event,  discovered their purpose/passion and decided to heal their world with it.

Please Understand Me (COLORADO PREMIERE)

Creators: Ahamed Weinberg, Steven Feinartz
Cast: Punkie Johnson & Ahamed Weinberg
USA, 8:21m

Two comedians hash out the problems of their fake relationship with a real therapist.

Rainbow Ladies (US PREMIERE)

Creator: Fanny Texier
Cast: Elizabeth Sweetheart, Ella London, Kitten Kay Sera
USA, 7:46m

“The Rainbow Ladies” series highlights a group of women who have decided to live monochromatically. Each stand­alone episode captures how these extraordinary women live, and how people in their neighborhood react to their singular choice of color as emblematic of their way of life.


Creators: Deja Harrell, C.J. Thomas
Cast: Deja Harrell, Kyra Jones, Dionne Addai, Adia Alli
USA, 14m

“Seeds” chronicles the daily misadventures of four college-aged women whose characters deal with sex, friendship, and relationships while being unapologetically themselves. Through hilariously candid conversations, the series explores what it means to be a young black woman and a millennial in today’s tumultuous times.


Creators: Topic, Left/Right
USA, 19m

Five different women from around the country see Donald Trump get elected to the presidency on November 8th, 2016 and decide to do something about it: Run for office.



Creators: Marriott Content Studio
USA, 23m

Art has the power to create a universal language that can connect us in unforeseen ways. We followed four artists around the world in search of inspiration and experiences to fuel their creative passions. Powered by Marriott loyalty programs, each artist embarked on a personal journey to destinations like Japan, Italy, Spain and Peru. Their stories illustrate a shared human experience and bridge our differences to create a common universal language through art.


Creators: Claire Bishop, Lucy Campbell, Sophie Morgan, Peter Ninos
Cast: Chad Michael, Brendan Rock, Jo Stone, Jono Darby
AUS, 17m

A detective investigates a brutal murder on a mining station in Saturn’s orbit.


Creators: Sophia Loffreda, Shea Mayo
Cast: Nadia Reyes, Ava Doré, Trinity Johnston
USA, 14m

When a trio of 10-year-old BFFs find a bag of marijuana on the soccer field after practice, they hatch a foolproof plan to sell the greenery to their suburban town’s fabled drug dealer. “The Green” is a show about friendship goals, soccer goals, and a plan so crazy it just might never in a million years work.

The Tankhouse Theater (WORLD PREMIERE)

Creators: Chelsea Frei, Noam Tomaschoff
Cast: Chelsea Frei, Noam Tomaschoff
USA, 8m

In this 8-10 minute digital mockumentary guaranteed to tickle diehard theatre nerds and fans of workplace comedies alike, we follow Tucker Charlamagne and Sandrene St. Jean, two urbane New Yorkers, as they attempt to earn their place in the stars by building a theatrical mecca on Danby, New York.


Creators: Jacqueline Mazarella
Cast: Jacqueline Mazarella, Maggie Wheeler & Steve Howey
USA, 8:30m

“The Oversharer” is a scripted short comedy series about a refreshingly, relentlessly optimistic woman with no filters, no boundaries and no idea how uncomfortable she’s making everyone around her.


Adventure Capital (WORLD PREMIERE)

Creators: Jake D Williamson, Britt Chandler Johnson
Cast: Jake D Williamson, Britt Chandler Johnson, Katie Wieland
USA, 23m

After Hale Hill is suddenly fired from his job at the largest financial firm in New York City he turns to the exploitation of a group of self-proclaimed nerds for his next venture.

Alive In Denver (WORLD PREMIERE)

Creator: Michael Levin
Cast: Danielle Campbell, Nathan Kress, Brandon Kyle Goodman, Kirby Bliss Blanton, Dione Kuraoka
USA, 18m

As an apocalyptic meteor hurtles toward Earth, five friends reveal their deepest darkest secrets to each other while they still have the chance.


Creator: Ben Strang
Cast: Chantal Nchako, Elijah Mayo, Jay Potter, Helen Hedman
USA, 18m

Set on the eerie marshland islands of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay, “Beast” centers around the perplexing disappearance of a fisherman named Christopher Press and his determined teenage son, Daniel who will stop at nothing to find his father and figure out once and for all why people keep disappearing on Smith Island.

Beautiful Mess (WORLD PREMIERE)

Creators: Ashley Joyce, Sherra Lasley
Cast: Ashley Joyce, Sherra Lasley, Chris Redd, Tim De La Motte
USA, 31m

Two Midwestern women fall off their life paths and into an enabling friendship, as they navigate what it means to be in your mid-30s as a single female and a complete freaking mess.


Creator: Hye Yun Park
Cast: Celine Justice, Hye Yun Park, Dina Shihabi
USA, 24m

Ruthless, relentless, and uncertified, three working class women of color — a Korean American home health aide, an African American MTA worker, and an Arab American owner of a bodega — form a private investigation firm and solve crimes for their immigrant neighbors in Brooklyn, New York.


Creator: Morgan Beck
Cast: Morgan Beck, Kerry Bishe, Zoe Perry
USA, 22m

Brooke and James are having a baby.  Unfortunately, that baby is coming early.  As all their plans get thrown out the window, their family and friends rush to be at the hospital for the birth, making things even more stressful. After having the baby, this new family realizes just how important it is to have people in your corner.


Creators: Warwick Holt, Mat Blackwell, Tony Rogers, Jason Byrne
Cast: Richard Davies, Dave Lawson, Angus Sampson, Veronica Thomas
AUS, 20m

Sydney Cove, 1788. When Bruce’s romantic plan of getting himself arrested to follow his girlfriend on the First Fleet backfires, he finds himself trapped in a violent prison camp at the arse-end of the world. Turns out 18th century penal colony romance is…complicated. Bruce is a pitch-black comedy that brings the convict colonisation of Australia to vivid, brutal, hilarious life.


Creators: Andrew Bennett, Kenneth Stevenson
Cast: Aaron Beal, Jules Reid, Robert Drewke, Isabella Jilek
USA, 48m

They have gone by many names: sasquatch, bigfoot, yeti – but here, they are called the skookum. In the first tale of this supernatural anthology series, we follow Neil, who returns to the wilderness after many years to save those most dear to him. “Cerebral” embraces the “what-if’s,” exploring fringe topics and channeling the dark recesses of the human psyche.


Creators: Matt Ferrucci, Nick Mouyiaris, Alain Uy
Cast: Michael Marc Friedman, Ray Stoney, Kareem Grimes, Lauren Compton
USA, 27m

After being arrested at the Red Roof Inn with drugs, guns and transvestite prostitutes, NBA superstar Jay “J-Train” Tyrell’s career and life are on the outs. Enter sober coach Nick Foster, who’s hired to keep him out of trouble and get him back on track. Babysitting A-list addicts may seem like an easy gig, but for Nick it’s anything but that. He is Jay’s last line of defense between relapse and redemption.



Creator: Mike Roma
Cast: Patrick Reilly
USA, 30m

Danny is struggling to balance his lives as a gay man dating in Los Angeles, a young adult pinching pennies, and a babysitter looking after surly, six-year-old Quinn. But when Danny discovers that Quinn has a penchant for dressing in his mother’s clothing, he resolves to be the queer guardian angel he wished he had growing up. But the question remains: is he helping or hurting Quinn? And what the heck does he tell the mom?


Creator: Gabriel Sunday
Cast: Gabriel Sunday, Dan Harmon, The Lucas Brothers, Mel Shimkovitz, Adrian Grenier, Jay Johnston, Sam Jay, Dynasty Handbag, Cory Loykasek, Andy Dick, Alexi Wasser, Dana Snyder, Mickey O’Hagan, Brandon Wardell, Ron Lynch
USA, 22m

From stoner celebrities to politicians and corrupt cops, “Dope State” is a mocku-comedy that chronicles a modern day gold rush, a civil rights movement and, potentially, the end of a prohibition. From the mind of comedic tour-de-force Gabriel Sunday (who stars as all of the lead characters), “Dope State” is a dreamy, absurd love letter to pot culture.


Creator: Paul Spurrier
Cast: Alec Newman, Vithaya Pansringarm, Apicha Suyanandana
Thailand, 49m

Marcus Hammond is the widely respected founder of a private financial institution called Eullenia. Hammond is known for being smart and honest. In recent years Eullenia has grown rapidly and catapulted Hammond into the league of the super-rich. But Hammond has a secret… a passion so dark it could bring his empire crashing down.

Everyone is Doing Great (COLORADO PREMIERE)

Creators: James Lafferty, Stephen Colletti
Cast: James Lafferty, Stephen Colletti, Alexandra Park, Cariba Heine, Karissa Lee Staples
USA, 38m

Seth and Jeremy enjoyed relative success from “Eternal,” a hit television vampire drama. Five years later, they lean on each other as they struggle to reclaim their previous level of success and relevance, awkwardly navigating the perils of life and love amidst a humorously painful coming of age.


Creators: Tony Spiridakis, Shannon Goldman
Cast: Rob Hancock, Dimitri Spiridakis
USA, 27m

Set in Long Island, and featuring autistic actor Dimitri Spiridakis, “Greenport” is a heartfelt comedy about family, work-life balance, and one struggling filmmaker’s determination to show the world that an autistic kid can do anything.


Creators: Nick Morton & Rick Rosenthal
Cast: Matthew Lillard, Blythe Danner, Esai Morales, Sarah Shahi
USA, 36m

When recovering addict Jimmy Bishop finds his sober living facility teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, he is forced to take in his wealthy alcoholic mother as a client. Her arrival solves his immediate financial crisis but also unleashes every other problem he has struggled his whole life to contain.

Jade of Death (US PREMIERE)

Creators: Erin Good & Taylor Litton-Strain
Cast: Bernie Van Tiel with Nicholas Hope, Jordan Cowan, Yoshi Haulser, Susan Prior, Sara West, Miles Paras, Jeremy Waters, Chloe De Los Santos.
AUS, 60m

Jade has a powerful ability. She can hear when and how people are going to die, but when her past catches up with her we learn there’s more to Jade’s abilities than even she knows.


Creators: Chris Stokes, Marques Houston
Cast: Brian White, Marques Houston, V Bozeman, Shondrella Avery, Chrissy Stokes
USA, 43m

In Los Angeles, no school struggles more than South Central’s Howard High, which is set to be closed soon due to low attendance and abysmal test scores.New Principal, Frank King stumbles on something else: the students of Howard High have musical talent. Lots of it. “Howard High” brings to life an original score and talented cast in this family friendly musical series.


Creator: Niv Samban
Cast: Daniel Selitser
IL, 23m

“Katharsis” illuminates the reality of high-tech and complex morals in contemporary Israel. Israel is under long-lasting and increasing pressure from the global community regarding its methods of investigation. The Israeli Ministry of Defense desperately seeks a solution, which leads to the discovery of an invention called Katharsis.


Creators: Yolanda Carney, Kate Marks, Kimberley Browning
Cast: Shanice Williams, Dot-Marie Jones, Russell Andrews, Nicki Micheaux
USA, 17m

Aurora, an overachieving teen with Ivy League dreams, finds herself locked in with a crazy band of misfits when she’s sent to Greener Pastures Therapeutic School. Convinced it’s all a mistake, she fights the system and makes a break for freedom–only to be faced with the truth about why she was committed there in the first place.


Creators: Amanda Higgs & Rachel Davis
Cast: Emmanuelle Mattana, Ashleigh Marshall, Gemma Chua Tran, Molly Broadstock, Celine Ajobong, Monique Heath
AUS, 24m

“Mustangs FC” is a goal kicking dramedy about girls who are abandoning the sidelines and starting their local football club’s first all-female team. Against the odds, they’ll stand united and overcome any challenge, all while wrestling with what it means to be a girl today.


Creators: Jenn Harris, Matthew Wilkas, Randy Harrison
Cast: Jenn Harris, Matthew Wilkas, Ana Gasteyer, Bebe Neuwirth, Cole Escola
USA, 27m

A darkly hilarious series about two broke NYC artists who become hitmen to make ends meet.


Creators: Eli Kooris, Joshua Shaffer
Cast: Colman Domingo, Richard Burgi, Phillip Garcia
USA, 26m

Otis Tremmel, a homeless alcoholic living on Skid Row, dons himself a Private Investigator to solve cases for others living on the street, taking him to the highs and lows of Los Angeles.


Creators: Morten Mortensen, Natalia Ciepiel, Alexander Ohrt, Aka Hansen  & Maria Møller Christoffersen
Cast: Amisuna Berthelsen, Josef Tarrak Petrussen, Inûna Davidsen, Elias Lindhardt
Denmark/Greenland, 35m

Terrorized by an unbearable sound, a group of teenagers commit suicide in the habour of Nuuk, Greenland. After being declared dead, Ivik, awakes again. As the phenomenon returns to haunt the young population of Nuuk, Ivik sets out to find the nature of the sound.

Resist (COLORADO PREMIERE)                                                                                                                   

Creators: Patrisse Cullors, Dream Hampton, Mervyn Marcano
Cast: Patrisse Cullors, Jayda Rasberry, Jonathan Perez, Bamby Salcedo
USA, 26m

A group of activists & local organizers work together to shut down a new jail in LA county and fight for justice for minorities in their community.


Creators: Stuart Willis & Matthew Clayfield
Cast: Grant Cartwright, Stephen Carracher, Nadia Townsend, Rosie Lourde, Ailís Logan, Craig McLachlan
AUS, 29m

In the near future, a company offers individuals the service of having their memories downloaded so that in the event of death, those memories can be uploaded into a new body. After a routine backup, Oliver Klein wakes to find his memories restored into a body that is not his own.


Creator: Alice Nicholas Wood
Cast: Amanda Viola, Jennifer Daley, Mary Lou, James Skinner, Jayme Andrews
USA, 23m

Character-driven comedy series, “Shiny Baby Goats,” follows Frances, a female film composer, and Jude, a community activist, in their quest to follow their ambitions. When their lofty dreams break against the rocks of reality, expect homemade drum kits and obscure literary references as they pick up the pieces.


Creator: Will Seefried
Cast: Laura Linney, Will Seefried, Gwendolyn Ellis
USA, 20m

A reclusive photographer investigates his antagonistic relationship with his late mother, Mitzi, by completing her passion project: a documentary film about her synchronized swimming team.


Creators: Elliott Watson & Giles Andrew
Cast: Randy Lanier
USA, 29m

“The Comeback” is a true crime series about the most epic falls from grace in sports, politics, business and entertainment. Improbable stories told by the impossible people behind them. Their rise, their fall and their comeback.

The Never-Ending Marathon of Mr. Dharam Singh (WORLD PREMIERE)

Creator: David Freid
India, 22m

This is the story of Dharampal Singh who, according to himself and four hastily arranged forms of ID, is 119 years old. While living that long would be a feat unto itself, it’s all the running that got our attention.

Tacos of Texas (WORLD PREMIERE)

Creators: Mando Rayo, Jarod Neece, Dennis Burnett
Cast: Mando Rayo, Jarod Neece
USA, 22m

“The Tacos of Texas” explores and documents the “Iconic Tacos of Texas” in seven cities across the state, through the eyes of the people who make them.

Undergrads (US PREMIERE)

Creators: Benno Rosenwald, Hubert Wiegand, Ehren Wiegand
Cast: Melissa Lehman, Stephanie Hsu
USA, 30m

“Undergrads” is a story about two friends trying to life hack their way through college while living with their two biggest frenemies off campus. Failing their way to #adulting.


Creator: David Cornue
Cast: Laura Vandervoort, Jeff Kober, Colby French, Caleb Ruminer, Daniel Rubiano
USA, 18m

“Unspeakable” follows a young woman in a desperate situation whose only option to avert authorities is to claim to be a girl who disappeared years ago as a child. But when the missing girl’s family welcomes the impostor home, she’s forced to keep the deception alive or face the consequences.



Creators: Jeff Galfer, Sky Soleil, Andrew Fleischer
Cast: Jeff Galfer, Sky Soleil, Andrew Fleischer, Jacob Givens, Liz Jenkins, Dileep Rao
USA, 28m

“Twin Peaks” and “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” converge in this strange new world of lessons, learning, and parallel realities.

Tammy’s Tiny Tea Time (COLORADO PREMIERE)

Creators: Peter Gulsvig
Cast: Rachel Butera, Nate Corddry, Peter Gulsvig
USA, 11m

An animated series about a maladjusted 42-year-old woman with the emotional capacity of a child who shrinks to the size of her toys and forces them to entertain her.


Creator: Philip Burgers
Cast: Philip Burgers, Chad Damiani, Krystel Roche, Juzo Yoshida
USA, 22m

Phil, wide-eyed and mute, is on the run after escaping captivity. His childlike ineptitude keeps getting him into trouble, however, and agents who’ve been hired to recapture him are always one step behind. The result is a series of globe-trotting misadventures and surprising new friendships.

Toddumentaries (WORLD PREMIERE)

Creator: Christina Parrish
Cast: Kyle Sweeney, Haley Alea Erickson, Sanjay Rao, Taylor Stewart, Christina Parrish, Justin Soileau
USA, 20m

A nervous new kid tries to navigate the turbulent hallways of Kelmonte High despite being controlled by an evil purple alien.

Tropical Cop Tales (COLORADO PREMIERE)

Creators: Jim Hosking, Toby Harvard
Cast: Wayne DeHart, Charles Noland, Carl Solomon, Nicole Crump, Brian Russell
USA, 22m

Two burned-out city cops — Keymarion “Primetime” Weeyums and Demetrius “Meechie” Franks — relocate to a tropical paradise for a relaxing twilight to their careers. It ends up being the most vicious, menacing place on earth, not even slightly relaxing.