‘Charles in Charge’ Star Alexander Polinsky Accuses Scott Baio of Sexual Abuse

Scott Baio Sexual Abuse
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UPDATED: Former child star Alexander Polinsky has retained attorney Lisa Bloom to represent him in his fight against Scott Baio, who he claims sexually abused him on the set of their ’80s sitcom “Charles in Charge.”

Polinsky is the second Baio accuser to emerge following “Charles in Charge” star Nicole Eggert, who has also alleged Baio sexually abused her as a minor. Eggert is also represented by Bloom.

Polinsky will break his silence on Wednesday during a press conference to describe the sexual harassment and abuse he claims he endured at the hands of Baio. Eggert will also attend the press conference to give a short statement.

Baio’s lawyer will hold a dueling news conference in his Los Angeles office on the same day at 2 p.m. PT.

Last week, Polinsky first came forward as an accuser of Baio, claiming he suffered physical assault and mental abuse from Baio. His claims were made on “The Talk” when Eggert appeared as a guest, though Polinsky released a statement and did not appear on the talk show. The press conference will mark his first time speaking out.

Polinsky came to Eggert’s defense early on, saying that he witnessed Baio’s inappropriate behavior toward her on set.

Last week, Eggert filed a police report with the LAPD regarding her alleged sexual abuse, and the claims remain under investigation. Eggert appeared on “Megyn Kelly Today” to detail her alleged harassment, claiming she was molested by Baio when she was underage. Despite Baio’s denial of her allegations altogether, Eggert has insisted that she was a minor when the sexual abuse began, which she said lasted three years with Baio, who is 11 years her senior. Eggert has also noted a power imbalance, given that Baio was the leading star of “Charles in Charge,” and has said she experienced suicidal thoughts following the alleged abuse.

Baio has repeatedly denied Eggert’s accusations, insisting that the actress was 18 years old at the time they first had intercourse, and calling Eggert’s allegations “lies.” Baio has also pointed out Eggert’s media appearances in the past where she has defended and supported Baio, questioning her change in heart during the #MeToo movement.

Bloom — who came under fire for representing Harvey Weinstein, though she resigned from advising the disgraced movie mogul — will also speak at the Feb. 14 press conference, alongside Polinsky and Eggert, regarding the actor’s legal options, according to the press release that was announced on Bloom’s Twitter.

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