Natalie Portman may have hosted the Feb. 3 episode of “Saturday Night Live,” but she didn’t come alone. While the cold open saw Alec Baldwin reprising his Emmy Award-winning role as Donald Trump, past “SNL” favorites Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch and Andy Samberg also popped up in sketches.

With Sunday’s Super Bowl on minds and the teams in the game being the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots, Fey and Dratch represented their respective hometowns in a sketch about the feud between Philadelphia and New England. Taking place in 1775, the sketch opened with news that New England beat the British at Bunker Hill — which elicited groans because “now we would have to hear the boasting from the Patriots of New England.”

Dressed in Revolutionary War-era garb, Dratch led the group of New Englanders as they drank “coffee from Dunkin” — which, in a twist, turned out to be an actual man (played by Chris Redd) and not the famous chain, Dunkin Donuts. “It’s good, right?” He said. “I feel like it should go with a sweet bread.”

Fey, meanwhile, led the group from Philadelphia, which included Kenan Thompson starting the theme song from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and calling out Wawa — who in this case was a woman, not the famous chain.

The two groups’ rivalry took part as trash talk between Fey and Dratch.

“Like eagles, we Philadelphians are swift, we are deadly and our eyes are a little too close together,” Fey said. “Can I tell you something about your precious captain Thomas Brady? He’s old. He’s 40 which is four years past life expectancy. Boston’s not even a real city — it’s a college town with a fishing pier.”

Dratch, meanwhile had a couple of quick retorts, including, “Talk to us when you win one, numbnuts,” “New England brings the pain,” and “One if by land, two by your mother.”

Samberg appeared in Portman’s follow up to the 2006 “Natalie Raps” digital short that started off as a simple interview but turned into an epic performance as Portman rapped about the salacious things she’s done — including smoking weed and cheating on Ivy League tests. Samberg rapped alongside her in that original sketch — and the song was also featured on his group The Lonely Island’s “Incredibad” album.

The sequel to “Natalie Raps” featured Portman putting a 2018 spin on the rap about her life by including mentions of clickbait, Tide Pods and being sex positive, as well as escalating her drug game to “Xanies in my pinot.” She also took on some of her own roles, including “Black Swan” and “Star Wars’s” Queen Amidala, the latter of which she dressed as and asked Alex Moffat to “say something about the motherf—ing prequels — say something nice about Jar Jar Binks.”

Chris Parnell, who played the interviewer in the first rap, did not appear in the Feb. 3 sketch. Beck Bennett took on the role of the interviewer that started it all by asking, “Why don’t you fill us in on what it’s like to be you?”

Watch the “Revolutionary War” sketch below:

Watch Portman’s rap below:

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