Saturday Night Live” has responded to Brigitte Bardot and Catherine Deneuve criticizing the #MeToo movement in a “Weekend Update” segment that saw Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong, respectively, portray the French film legends.

“I stand by everything I have said, and I will double down,” McKinnon’s Bardot said, following it up with a call to “free Harvey Weinstein.”

Strong’s Deneuve sat alongside McKinnon’s Bardot as she smoked. “Do not be nervous, Colin, about being around two beautiful women. We will not discourage you from being a man,” Strong’s Deneuve started, addressing “Weekend Update” co-anchor Colin Jost.

Strong’s Deneuve said she didn’t “want romance to die” but admitted that if the comments went too far she apologized. After McKinnon’s Bardot called Weinstein a “real man,” Strong’s Deneuve tried to soften the blow, eventually saying she was beginning to think she should not have aligned with Bardot. “Brigitte is very old and very wrong,” she declared at the end.

McKinnon’s Bardot on the other hand continued to go all-in. “Why does a woman have a breast? It is for a man to grab and pull,” she said. “A drawer has a knob. A woman has two knobs.”

Back in January, Bardot publicly criticized the #MeToo movement, and now almost 100 female actresses and activists in France have signed a letter effectively agreeing with Bardot and claiming the #MeToo movement has “gone too far.”

Bardot is retired from acting.

Watch McKinnon and Strong’s takes on Bardot and Deneuve below:

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