Jessica Chastain Hosts ‘Saturday Night Live’ With Important Message for Women on the Evening of the 2nd Annual Women’s March (Watch)

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE -- "Jessica Chastain"
Will Heath/NBC

Jessica Chastain hosted the Jan. 20 episode of “Saturday Night Live,” just hours after cities all over the country hosted the second annual Women’s March.

Chastain wasted no time celebrating that fact, bringing it up in her monologue by saying it was the “one year anniversary of the Women’s March, and everyone knows women never forget an anniversary. So today hundreds of thousands of people were out there and they were so, so brave — because it’s flu season.”

Kate McKinnon (in a Time’s Up tee-shirt) and Cecily Strong (wearing a black tee that said #MeToo) joined Chastain on-stage to sing “You Don’t Own Me,” with Aidy Bryant in the audience wearing a pink pussy hat, saying she can’t say the word because it’s “one of the very many words only the president can use.”

Beck Bennett and Pete Davidson joined, wearing sweatshirts that said “The Future is Female,” saying they want to march because they love women, but very quickly the attention was turned back to the women themselves.

“Ladies, we were strong last year and we’ll be even stronger this year,” Chastain said.

Watch the monologue below:

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