Samantha Bee was one of the thousands of people affected by a major power outage in Puerto Rico on Sunday, where the comedian is currently filming a one-hour travel special for “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.”

Following Puerto Rico’s five month power outage in the wake of Hurricane Maria, the longest and largest blackout in U.S. history, the island was again thrown into darkness over the weekend when a fire at a main power station caused another blackout.

“My staff and I watched the power go out across San Juan last night and within minutes were lighting fires in our hotel rooms and drinking the contents of our minibars for warmth,” Bee said in a statement to Variety. “Probably could learn a few lessons from the resilience of the Puerto Rican people, over a million of whom still don’t have power after five months. If our administration wants to make America great again, I suggest they start with the American citizens of Puerto Rico.”

In a video posted on Twitter Sunday night (below), Bee sat in the darkness and described what was going on in Puerto Rico, saying, “I was actually on the balcony of my hotel and watched all of the city before me in a rolling blackout situation. The lights were strobing, the lights were going on and off, the whole city pulsed for about 30 seconds.”

“This is very jarring. This is crazy, oh my God,” Bee added as the video picked up sounds of planes flying overhead. In the tweet’s caption, she said “not sure if there are enough paper towels to fix it,” a dig at Donald Trump’s earlier visit to Puerto Rico when he threw paper towels into the crowd.

“Full Frontal” is set to continue shooting in Puerto Rico throughout February for a special exploring the island in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria and the lack of U.S. government response.