Ryan Murphy shared his feelings on the impending Fox-Disney merger during the Television Critics Association winter press tour on Thursday.

“It’s a very emotional thing for me,” Murphy said during a panel for his new Fox show “9-1-1.” “I started with Fox in 2003 and when I started I was told I was not employable. I was told I was too specific and niche. I was given “Nip Tuck” and given an opportunity, and from that, I was allowed to create a career.”

Murphy went on to create hit shows like “Glee” and “American Horror Story” during his time with the studio, saying that each project had one thing in common.

“On paper, all of those shows have one thing in common: they weren’t supposed to work,” he said. “Three months ago I thought I would literally be buried on the Fox lot.”

Murphy also said that he received personal calls from both Rupert Murdoch and Bob Iger when news of the deal first broke. “I said point blank the stuff I do is not Disney and I’m not interested in that and I’m concerned about that. ‘Am I going to have put Mickey Mouse in “American Horror Story?”‘ [Iger] said no and the reason Disney is buying Fox is that they believed in the assets and the executives and the creators.”

Murphy, whose overall deal expires later this year, said he was taking a wait-and-see attitude to his own future. “I’m interested to see what the company is going to look like before I make any decisions,” he said. “I’ve decided to wait and sit back and talk to my friends who are my bosses and see what’s happening to them, and make a decision once we see what’s happening.”

Disney announced in December that they were acquiring 20th Century Fox for $52.4 billion. FX Networks–home to Murphy’s critically-acclaimed “American Horror Story,” “American Crime Story,” and “Feud”–was part of the sale.