MSNBC has more new plans to fill its Friday-night schedule.

After experimenting with a run of “On Assignment,” a Friday-night series featuring popular foreign correspondent Richard Engel, MSNBC plans to air “This Happened,” a documentary that looks back at the infamous 1987 scandal involving former presidential candidate and Colorado senator Gary Hart.

The documentary, slated to air at 10 p.m. eastern on Friday, explores how discovery and coverage of the candidate’s extramarital affair changed the rules of reporting and made the private lives of public figures fair game for the press. The program includes interviews with Tom Fiedler and Jim McGee, the Miami reporters who broke the story and tell how they did so.

MSNBC has aired promos for the one-hour program, but has not made a formal announcement about it as of yet.

Sally Quinn, Ken Auletta, Matt Bai, Gail Sheehy, Ted Koppel and Tom Rosenstiel are among the journalists who weigh in on the story. The documentary also interviews Sue Casey, Douglas Wilson and Mike Stratton, all of whom worked on the Hart campaign. Their comments are interspersed with news footage, interviews and other scenes from the campaign