In a competitive situation, MGM Television has acquired the rights to the French singing show format “Secret Audition” from Groupe M6.

MGM will have the rights to the format in 12 territories: US, Canada, Australia, UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and India.

In “Secret Audition,” unsuspecting performers who have been reluctant to perform in public and who don’t have the courage to apply to be on a talent show will (with the help of their friends and families) find themselves in a room. Suddenly, the walls of the room will be removed to reveal that they are on onstage, in front of a live studio audience. The performer will then be given the chance, right then and there, to perform in a “secret audition” where, unbeknownst to them, are top music producers who are watching their performance behind a one-way screen. If the producers believe the singer is talented enough to merit a record deal, they will reveal themselves to offer a deal.

The series enjoyed a successful premiere on the M6 channel in France on July 24.

“Secret Audition” is produced by Studio 89 and owned by Studio 89, Explay Music and La Casa. Mark Burnett, chairman of the worldwide television group at MGM, will produce the show in the US along with MGM Television.

Studio 89, M6’s internal production company, previously created the format “Chasseurs d’Appart” (“Flat Hunters”), which has already been adapted in five countries.

The deal was completed by Ludovic Attal of MGM.