In 2015 Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas launched “Agent Carter” on ABC, a Marvel series centering on secret agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) in the 1940s. It was a show executive producers Butters and Fazekas call “ahead of its time” for its “strong female role model” and discussions of misogyny and racism. The series only lasted for two short seasons on the Alphabet, but the relationships Butters and Fazekas developed from it with the actors and the writers have continued. Now Butters and Fazekas are staging an “Agent Carter” reunion on their new ABC show, “Kevin Probably Saves The World.”

“’Agent Carter’ had such a special place in our hearts,” Butters tells Variety. “It was so much fun. We got to do the show that we wanted to do. I’m super proud of that show, and I think everybody that was involved in it feels the same way.”

Butters, Fazekas and many of the actors and writers have remained in close contact since the show wrapped up in 2016, on a text chain that often sees weekly communication. So when the idea came up to bring some of them on “Kevin Probably Saves The World,” it was an easy outreach.

It all started with a playful idea. When working on an episode (entitled “Caught White-Handed”) that was going to see Tyler (Dustin Ybarra) having a fantasy sequence in the kitchen, Butters and Fazekas thought that some of the food he was working with would talk back to him. From there, it was another bout of creative inspiration to then get some of their “Agent Carter” actors to voice the various pieces of food.

“Everyone is all over the world, everyone has different jobs, and this is something that is really easy to do,” says Fazekas. “Even if you’re working, even if you’re somewhere halfway across the globe, you can go to some facility, record a couple of lines and leave. It’s not a big commitment, so that’s sort of also what made it ideal.”

So James D’Arcy voices a pat of butter on an English muffin, Enver Gjokaj embodies a milk carton, and Wynn Everett plays a pancake.
“They all share our appreciation for the ridiculous, and I think that was helpful,” Butters says.

Adds Fazekas, “I also think that if we told them tomorrow that they were going to let us do an ‘Agent Carter’ mini-series, they would all sign up for it.”

But since Butters and Fazekas have been so busy with “Kevin Probably Saves The World,” they have not had active conversations about rebooting “Agent Carter.” As much affection as they have for it — as much as they credit Marvel with being “super supportive” of it — they are focused on enjoying the process of making “Kevin Probably Saves The World.”

“Personally I feel like I have so much fun working on the show and working with our writers and coming up with these storylines. We’re all getting something from just producing the show, and I think that goes into the stories that we tell,” Butters says. “It is the world I want to live in, and so we are projecting that. We’re putting out into the world what we want to see.”


“Kevin Probably Saves The World” airs Tuesdays at 10pm on ABC.