Kelly Clarkson is pretty much the definition of “bubbly.” The latest star to join the coaching staff of NBC’s “The Voice” brought her folksy charm to Pasadena, Calif., on Tuesday to talk up her debut on the show that returns for Season 14 on Feb. 26.

Credit Clarkson for accentuating the positive and not taking a shot at the show that made her famous, “American Idol,” which is getting a reboot on ABC shortly after “Voice” returns.

Here are 10 fun moments from the panel featuring Clarkson, “Voice” Season 13 winner Chris Blue and executive producer Audrey Morrissey.

  • Clarkson has had many offers to serve as a judge on competition show (certainly “Idol” would have welcomed her back) but it’s always been a non-starter for her. The role of coach, however, suits her just fine. “I don’t want to be a judge. I always feel sh—y afterwards. I really enjoy the coaching aspect,” she said.
  • If you spot Clarkson in the aisles at Target, go ahead and say hi. She won’t mind. “It’s that cool moment when someone in Target comes up to me and says ‘Oh my god I’ve been singing all my life.’ It’s a really cool thing to be a part of.”
  • She loves that the initial auditions for “Voice” are done behind a screen so that only the quality of a person’s pipes, not “aesthetics,” influence the selection of contestants. “We happen to be sexy as hell but that’s just our cross to bear,” she joked, referring to herself and Blue.
  • She’s known her fellow coaches Adam Levine, Alicia Keyes and Blake Shelton for some time. But there’s no going easy on the new kid in school. “Hell no, they’re a competitive bunch. They’re not helping me at all.”
  • Clarkson promised plenty of comedy gold can be found in watching the coaches try to persuade contestants to join their team. “We fight and are completely trying so desperately to win these people into our teams. It’s hilarious how much we grovel.”
  • Clarkson has wanted to be part of “Voice” for some time but the stork kept getting in the way. “I love this show. I’ve been trying to be a part of it (but) I was knocked up for three years.” And she’s happy to have a new day job. “I’m super-stoked that it finally worked out. Now it’s like, mommy off time.”
  • Clarkson doesn’t judge talent by record sales or fame. “Patty Griffin is my favorite singer-songwriter. You might not have heard of her but that doesn’t mean she’s not a bad-ass.”
  • “Quit saying that — it makes me sound weird,” she instructed Blue after he said “I’m no Kelly Clarkson” one too many times.
  • “Y’all are quiet as hell,” Clarkson told the roomful of journalists when there was a lull in the questioning.
  • After Blue gave an impassioned answer about his hopes for his career, Clarkson did a theatrical mic drop with a bottle of water. “And we just end it with that,” she said, with conviction.