Julia Louis-Dreyfus doesn’t just play a politician on HBO’s comedy “Veep,” she is also using her personal platform to get involved in issues — namely voting.

“A corrupt, self-obsessed, inept moron who somehow becomes president of the United States. That’s the character I play on HBO’s ‘Veep’,” says Julia Louis-Dreyfus in a new PSA for the Multiply Your Vote campaign. “But when I’m off of TV, I’m not a politician — I’m not an expert — I’m a citizen and I know the mid-term election on November 6th is beyond important. It is vital.”

The Emmy Award winner is urging people not only to exercise their right to vote but also to get out and volunteer — “because when you volunteer you multiply your votes.”

Louis-Dreyfus said she is voting Democrat in November, and used her own experience with breast cancer to champion access to healthcare.

“I’m a cancer survivor, and I am really lucky because I had access to excellent health insurance, even with a pre-existing condition. That’s the way it should be for absolutely everybody, and it’s not,” she says. “The Republican Congress is making it worse, but the Democrats can change that.”

The campaign encourages people to visit multipleyourvote.org, where they can find where and when they can volunteer to help win back Congress in November. JoAnn Loulan from the grassroots organization behind the campaign, Local Majority, said was inspired to start the organization after the 2016 election.

“It’s simple: If we vote, we win. If we act by voting and volunteering the election is ours,” she explained. “Most Americans believe in civil rights for all people. Your vote DOES count! And you can inspire others to do the same.”

Watch the PSA below: