Investigation Discovery Sets ‘Pamela Smart: An American Murder Mystery’ Premiere Date (EXCLUSIVE)

Pamela Smart

Investigation Discovery’s “American Murder Mystery” series is on a new case. The “Pamela Smart” installment of the true crime limited series will premiere Aug. 19 at 10 p.m., Variety has learned exclusively.

The three part series, fully titled “Pamela Smart: An American Murder Mystery,” documents the story of Gregg Smart, whose wife Pamela Smart plotted his murder at the hands of four teenage boys in 1990. Though originally not a suspect, police began to question Pamela Smart’s odd behavior in the media — especially after they discovered she had an affair with one of the four teenagers responsible for her husband’s death.

“From the tawdry affair, to teenage assassins, to the explosive nationally televised trial, this case transfixed the entire nation as Pamela Smart emerged as the original black widow,” said Henry Schleiff, group president of Investigation Discovery. “Since the story of Pamela Smart ranks as one of the most scandalous and controversial crimes ever, we were compelled to bring this uniquely fascinating story to our viewers with a fresh perspective.”

In order to delve deeper into the crime, the show features interviews with those involved, including the detective in charge of the case, an investigative reporter who followed the murder, prosecuting and defense attorneys, and Pamela Smart herself, from prison.

Previous installments of “An American Murder Mystery” included explorations of the cases of Jodi Arias, Scott Peterson and Chandra Levy.