This “New Girl” is getting a new deal.

“New Girl” star Hannah Simone, who portrayed Cece on the Fox sitcom, was a series regular until the show ended its seven season run in May. But when collectibles brand, Funko Pop, released its “New Girl” collection earlier this year, Simone’s character was nowhere to be found.

The glaring omission prompted a flood of angry comments from fans on social media, who were confused as to why Cece — who had been a staple character on the show — was excluded. Simone herself chimed in on Twitter, re-posting Funko’s announcement with a single word, tongue-in-cheek response: “Rude.”

Days after the Twitter outcry, Funko Pop owned up to its snub and announced that Simone would be getting her very own figurine. Now, six months later, the company has revealed that the Cece miniature will be launching exclusively at this weekend’s New York Comic Con. The vinyl figure features the character’s signature blunt bangs and a green dress inspired by a ruffled Amanda Uprichard dress that Cece sported in an episode from “New Girl’s” third season.

new girl hannah simone cece funko pop

Simone says she’s been charmed by the whole experience, and credits fans of the show for keeping the “Cece” campaign alive.

“It’s nice that people saw my character as an integral part of the show and felt that a cast collection of figures without Cece would be incomplete,” the actress says. “They’ve kept their fingers on the pulse of this and it’s great to see how invested and connected they are to the show.”

The Cece Funko Pop will be available for sale to the general public later this fall on FYE.com. Other Funko Pop TV reveals from Comic Con include a “Married With Children” action figure set, and a “two-piece” set that features Jan (and her imaginary boyfriend, George Glass) from “The Brady Bunch.”

As for Simone, the actress just landed a guest starring arc on the new ABC comedy, “Single Parents.” The sitcom, starring Taran Killam, reunites Simone with “New Girl” creator Liz Meriwether, is a showrunner on “Single Parents.”

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