George Stephanopoulos will soon have the opportunity to interview a person whose knowledge has been in constant demand and yet in relatively short supply.

Stephanopoulos, ABC News’ “Chief Anchor” and a co-host of the network’s “Good Morning America,” said via Twitter Friday that he had landed an exclusive interview with James Comey, the former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Comey was fired from his job last May and was in the middle of both an investigation into former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and a firestorm of speculation around actions taken by President Donald Trump.

“Looking forward to my exclusive interview with James Comey for the launch of his book ‘A Higher Loyalty’ — pub date April 17,” Stephanopoulos posted on Twitter Friday morning.

new book is slated for publication earlier than expected after being moved up from May 1. Stephanopoulos trumped the efforts of producers and anchors at several competing news outlets, according to a person familiar with the matter.

An air date has not been determined, nor has ABC announced the program or programs on which Stephanopoulos’ interview will appear.

Stephanopoulos has been ready for extra duty since the 2016 election, expecting to be called upon more frequently to handle breaking news events in an era when they seem to be a rule rather than an exception. The anchor, who chews Dentyne Ice with gusto to keep him going during long stints on-camera, told Variety in January of last year that he’s had, simply put, to get ready to be ready – for whatever might come. “Usually the plans for chief anchor are not up to me,” he said. “It’s sort of up to the world.”