U.K.’s George & George, Baby Cow Partner, Set First-Look Deal With BBC Studios

George & George, Baby Cow Partner, Set First-Look With BBC Studios
Courtesy of George & George

U.K. production company George & George is partnering with Steve Coogan and Christine Langan’s Baby Cow, the companies announced Friday. The new three-year joint venture will have a first-look deal with BBC Studios.

The deal aims to capitalize on George & George founders Vicki Pepperdine and Joanna Scanlan’s writing and performing experience alongside Baby Cow’s track record of developing writing talent to develop new television projects. The two companies will develop new comedy and drama series.

“These days we’ve so many platforms to watch [television] and we want to equal that with the volume of women’s stories for viewers to feast on,” said Pepperdine and Scanlan. “With the support of the best of the best at Baby Cow and BBC Studios we’re good to go.”

Pepperdine and Scanlan, who were BAFTA-nominated in 2013 for their writing on BBC medical sitcom “Getting On” alongside Jo Brand, will write, produce and perform in their own material. The pair also co-starred, with Brand, in “Getting On.” They will also commission other writing about the female experience in line with George & George’s remit to champion women’s voices in TV and film.

“We have always loved Vicki and Jo’s brilliant, incisive wit and exceptional talent as writers and performers,” said former BBC Films chief Langan, who joined Baby Cow as CEO in 2016. “They’ve been happy bedfellows with Baby Cow for some time and, as we develop as an indie, we wanted to help these fantastically talented women get their ideas into production.”

Baby Cow’s television credits include include “Moone Boy,” “The Mighty Boosh” and Coogan’s “The Trip” and “Alan Partridge.” Its film credits include Stephen Frears BAFTA-winner “Philomena,” which was nominated for four Oscars. BBC Worldwide owns a 73% stake in the company.