FremantleMedia in the U.K. pays its male employees 32% more than its female employees on average, with the gap rising to 84% when it comes to bonuses. The stark disparities were revealed Friday when the production and distribution giant became the latest British entertainment company to report gender pay figures as legally mandated.

The data relate to employees working in Britain at FremantleMedia U.K., FremantleMedia Kids & Family, and FremantleMedia International.

Figures were not issued separately for parent FremantleMedia Group, which employs fewer than 250 people, including several of the company’s top-earning women. If the parent group’s British-based employees are factored in, the pay gap between men and women working for FremantleMedia in the U.K. eases to 16% and the bonus gap to 54%.

The numbers emerged in the same week that FremantleMedia’s well-regarded female chief executive, Cecile Frot-Coutaz, said she was leaving for YouTube. Frot-Coutaz works for FremantleMedia Group.

“These issues are not unique either to us or to our industry,” said Nicky Gray, human-resources director for FremantleMedia Group. “We therefore need to be realistic about the time and collective effort it will take to bridge the gap….On screen and off, at all levels and in all parts of the business, diversity and inclusion matter – and we are committed to playing our part.”

FremantleMedia is owned by European media giant RTL. It is behind such shows as “Hard Sun” (pictured), “The Young Pope” and “Deutschland 83.”