The nation’s media outlets sometimes take swipes at one another, but they seem to be standing together after a series of threats of violence were made against Democratic figures and CNN.

“We condemn all attempted acts of violence against media organizations and our thoughts are with CNN for the safety of all of their employees,” said Kevin Lord, who oversees human resources at Fox News, in a statement issued this morning. CNN along with former President Barack Obama and former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton were sent potential explosive devices that were intercepted and authorities have launched a broad criminal investigation into the matter. Earlier this week, a device was found sent to financier George Soros.

Several New York City news outlets placed new emphasis on security Wednesday. “We have met with our security team and are treating this with extra vigilance. All of the usual security protocols are already in place, some of which include roving patrols around the perimeter of the building, along with every incoming package being x-rayed and screened, which is a precaution taken by our mailroom on a daily basis,” Lord said in his memo.

The New York Times also explained its security measures in a memo to employees. “Here at The Times, all incoming mail, including United States Postal Service, FedEx and UPS, in New York and in the Washington bureau, is sent through an X-ray machine before it is delivered. The mail delivery in New York today is complete and there were no suspicious packages detected,” the memo said. “We’re now taking the additional step of sending anything delivered directly to the lobby security desk to the X-ray machines before delivery, and we will continue to be hypervigilant in the days ahead.”