Elizabeth Banks participated in a practice run of the U.S. Air Force’s Super Bowl flyover on Saturday and it was clearly an experience to remember.

In a video posted to Instagram Sunday, Banks and her pilot Rain ascend in a F-16 Viper and Banks loses it just a little as they take off from the runway — though for someone who’s presumably never flown in a fighter jet before, she stays admirably cool.

“Here I go,” she captioned the post. “Warning: I do swear. I do scream. It was everything.” She shouted out her pilot and her husband for “supporting his wife/mother of his kids wanting to do this.”

The flyover takes place during the singing of the National Anthem, which will be performed by pop superstar Pink. Banks added in another video that there will be a livestream from inside the F-16 available on the Air Force’s Facebook page for viewers who want to get a bird’s eye view of the stadium, Minneapolis, and the fireworks.

An F-16’s maximum speed at sea level is 915 mph (Mach 1.2), and at altitude, 1,320 mph (Mach 2). They climb at 50,000 ft/min. When pilots fly fighter jets, they undergo g force, which means the force of gravity multiplied and experienced as pressure against the body — that’s what the pilot means when he tells Banks, “Got some g’s coming our way, you ready?” F-16s can handle up to 9 g.

The F-16 Viper Demonstration Team also posted a video of Banks’ day with them on their Facebook page, which can be seen below.