As 2018 Winter Olympics get underway and the eyes of the world are trained on the South Korean county of Pyeongchang, Hollywood seems to have chosen figure skater Adam Rippon as the (possible) favorite athlete of Team USA.

On Sunday night, Rippon made his Olympic debut, performing a difficult routine by landing two triple axels. He received the bronze medal. Despite delivering an energizing performance, Rippon placed lower than Russian skater Mikhail Kolyada and Canadian skater Patrick Chan, both of whom fell during their routines while Rippon did not.  Many viewers believed that Rippon was robbed of the gold by the judges, to which Rippon responded on “Good Morning America” by saying “I think we need to get those people who think that I was ripped off on a judging panel immediately, maybe before the individual competition.”

Former NFL player Colin Cole shared his ire with the results on Twitter, saying “Adam Rippon got ripped off (pun intended) by the judges after a FLAWLESS performance. He owned that sh*t!

Reese Witherspoon, who previously tweeted that Rippon was her number one reason for watching the Olympics, said that Rippon had made her proud.

Despite the disappointment, Hollywood’s love for Rippon continues to grow.

Actress Busy Philipps recalled the story Rippon shared about fellow figure skater Mirai Nagasu, “being bummed together in 2014 & eating In-N-Out…”

Everyone’s favorite furry monster Elmo shared how proud he was of Rippon’s great performance with a gif of the two dancing together.

Jessica Chastain agreed that Rippon’s performance was flawless and applauded his commitment to his “authentic self.”

Meanwhile on Instagram, Sarah Michelle Gellar shared a picture of Rippon, with a caption that read “Is anybody else , #olympic#figureskating obsessed?!? I am definitely owning the couch competition (that’s a sport rt?).”

Billy Eichner had other thoughts, particularly about how long it took the world to embrace and openly gay athlete tweeting, “To give you some idea of how homophobic the sports world still is, it took until this year for us to have an openly gay American man compete in FIGURE SKATING.”

Rippon previously made news by expressing his displeasure with Vice President Mike Pence’s position as delegate to the games. The athlete has repeatedly declined to meet with him, stating that he has no interest in meeting with someone who has openly supported gay conversion therapy, a claim drawn from statements on the politician’s 2000 campaign website. Pence has repeatedly denied the allegations.

And following Sunday’s performance, Rippon said that he had no interest in attending the traditional post competition reception at the White House.

“This Is Us” director and producer Ken Olin tweeted out his support, “Adam Rippon made a triumphant Olympic debut. But because of their ignorance and prejudice, the President and his pet VP Pence, have disqualified themselves from celebrating his brilliance with the rest of us.”