Paris-based outfit Kelija, the Lagardere Studios-owned company behind the acclaimed series “Trepalium” and “Ad Vitam,” is developping “Cine Amore,” a thought-provoking dystopian mini-series exploring the relationship between men and women.

“Sine Amore” was created and is being written by Sebastien Mounier, who co-wrote “Trepalium” and “Ad Vitam,” and the novelist Filippo D’Angelo (“La Fin de L’Autre Monde”).

The six-part series takes place in a world where all men have had to be castrated before puberty to prevent the spread of a deadly and uncurable disease. A scandal errupts after a woman claims to have been raped, leading to a trial which proves divisive and disrupts society.

The mini-series follows several characters, including the rape victim, as well as her best friend and the alleged rapist’s lawyer who happen to form a couple.

Katia Raïs, the producer and managing director of Kelija, said the series was initiated before the Weinstein scandal but resonates strongly with current debates.

“Women have undeniably acquired more rights during the 20th century, but they continue being victims of sexual assaults; in many case there is an abuse of power involved,” said Raïs.

The producer said the series will share some similarities with “The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story” in the way it chronicles a trial from multiple perspectives and reveals flaws within society.

Raïs is now looking for a director to come on board. There is no broadcaster or network attached as yet. “Trepalium” and “Ad Vitam” were commissioned by Franco-German network Arte. “Trepalium” was acquired by Netflix and AMC’s Shudder. “Ad Vitam” won a prize at Series Mania and played at Toronto Film Festival.

“Sine Amore” is the third opus on a dystopian anthology that started with “Trepalium,” set in a future where 80% of people are unemployed; and “Ad Vitam,” in which a regenerating science is allowing people to gradually achieve immortality. “Ad Vitam” was directed by Thomas Cailley (“Love at First Fight”) and starred Yvan Attal.